Small is Beautiful


One day the venerable Mogalana (one of the close disciples of Lord Buddha) visited the hell realms. How surprised he was, in the hell realms there were a number of spiritual teachers. Some of them even leave messages to his disciples on earth, not to continue the teachings that they have always taught. Especially because the harder their students practice the teachings here on earth, the more the masters suffers in the hell realms.
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Songs of Compassion


There was a touching story that truly happened in the island of love Bali few times ago. One day a well-devoted son who loves his mother very much felt that the mother would die. In the midst of chaotic feelings, he asked his mother what to do when she die. With a touching smile the mother whisper: “take good care of your younger brother”.
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The Sacred Bell


Once upon a time, a young man asked this touching question: “some saints have suffered tremendously. Mahatma Gandhi was shot, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned more than a quarter of century, Mother Teresa lived amid the suffering city of Calcutta, does it mean that to be holy means to live in deep suffering?”.
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The Inner River


As it is often disclosed in the meditation sessions, every time encountering restless souls, there is always the presence of souls who never get connected for long long time. They do not only not connected physically, they also do not get connected mentally and spiritually.
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Religion of Love


Following the death of hundreds of people in Paris due to the terrorist attack on Friday November 13, 2015, mother Earth was surrounded by the aura of deep sadness. Many people said that tears suddenly drop after the event. Countless peace lovers expressed their deep condolences. Some of spiritual seekers deeply pray for the happiness of suffering souls in Paris.
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Ocean of Compassion


Responding to questions of a critical young man, a teacher asked two spoons of salt from his student. The first spoon of salt was poured into a small cup which is full of water. The second spoon of salt was mixed into water in a big pond. As a result, while in the little cup the water tasted very salty, in the big pond there is no sign that the water is salty.
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Surfers of Compassion


An intelligent young man who like to ask many questions one day raise a straightforward question like this: “is it true that soul home can only be found after death?”. Certainly, but not the ordinary death, it is the death of the ego and small self. Once the ego and small self dies, by then the door of soul home will naturally opened.
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Diamond of Compassion


Almost all people hate the troubling enemies. Some of them even run far away from enemy because their life have been deeply wounded. On the path of compassion, the story is different.
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Fountain of Compassion


Every spiritual friend who grows deep within, entering the territory of soft feeling, someday they will smile deeply with this message: “behind the pain that you experience for a long time is hidden the secret of who you are”.
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The Smile of Compassion


Almost everyone run away from the harming enemies. There are very few souls who can see the glowing diamond behind enemies. And the last diamond can be found when you are patient and tolerant enough to the enemies. Any souls who are tolerant enough in this case, one day they will see beautiful light appear from within.
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