Smile As Intelligence


One day a little boy was digging sands on the beach using his small hands. When he was asked what he was doing, with an innocence smile the little boy replied: “I want to put all water of ocean into my small well”.
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Peace, Peace, Peace


“In the ancient time, one is called a hero because of the courage to destroy others. In recent time, one is called a hero because of the courage to love others”

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Soul Mate


“The souls who are full of holes wants to heal other souls who are full of holes”, that’s how some Western writers describe their government in their country. Endless corruptions, politicians who never stop quarreling, poor services are all signs that their souls are full holes. The mass population who always protest, never feel satisfied, some even taking part in dangerous violence is also signs of soul holes.
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Back To The Source


“Ocean of complexity”, that is the appropriate title which can be given to friends whose life is plunged into a dangerous abyss. Being dissatisfied with your life partner is a complexity, having a love affair with someone else is another complexity. Having a parent who died at a young age is a complexity, suspecting the neighbor of sending black magic is another complexity. The feeling of being poor is of course a form of complexity, being corrupt and then being jailed is a more dangerous complexity.
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The Smile of Joy


Whenever visiting inland areas, rural areas, there is always the presence of sincere and touching smiles. The smiles hide beautiful light, the smiles bring touching flowers, the smiles whisper deep prayers. And the spirit that makes those smiles are different when compared to the spirit in the city, it is the spirit of sincerity. A series of spiritual gems which are very rare nowadays here on earth.
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The Smiling Lantern


In Thailand there was a meditation teacher with amazing light named Ajahn Chah. One of the important characteristics of the last Guru is his amazing discipline. He was not only very discipline to the others, he was also very discipline to himself.
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Rose of Peace


Spiritual friends who spent a lot of time in solitude, as well as accessing the energy of silence know, there are a lot of contradictions inside ourselves. Right against wrong. Religion against science. Logic against feeling. And there are many other contradictions.
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River of Peace


One day there was a wise old man who lived at the edge of the forest. He was so calm and peaceful, that’s why almost all the villagers deeply respected him. Some villagers even thought that he was a living God on earth.
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Warrior of Peace


From time to time the human understanding of warrior has grown and changes. In the old ages, warrior is a hero who bravely jumped into the battlefield. They were so brave, they even murdered a lot of people with a sense of pride.
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Peaceful Decision


“You are free to choose, but you are not free to the consequences of your choice”, that is the message which is often heard in the world of decision making. When it comes to life in particular, any decision have consequence, some even make life more complicated from time to time. One who make decision with dirty mind will experice dirty life as well.
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