Bad Weather Makes Good Timber

Written by Gede Prama

An old, sturdy tree that never experience a violent storm was never exist.  Likewise with strong souls.  None of them has never gone through a splashy loop of time.  Again no one.  The famous psychologist Carl G. Jung even explicitly mentions that all holy souls go through dark nights for the soul.  The darker and denser the nights, the brighter the light of the soul concerned.  The great poet Jalalludin Rumi, whose light was astonishing, had experienced deep sorrow at the loss of his Guru.  The great artist Kahlil Gibran wrote the masterpiece The Prophet (The Prophet) when he was heartbroken.  One of the heroes of the business world in the US named Lee Iacocca, he was once dropped from the highest seat of power.  Neale Donald Walsch is one of the world-famous spiritual teachers through his book “Conversation with God”, he has also experienced a very dark life.  Not being able to eat, to scavenge for food in the trash can.

This kind of spirit and enthusiasm is very worthy to be spread around the times when times are very anxious.  From the highest growing economy in history in 2019, suddenly to the lowest growing economy in history in 2020. It resulted in billions of people losing their jobs.  There are countless businessmen and companies whom go out of business.  Not to mention the long victims of the corona virus, coupled with the conflicts and uncertainties that are present everywhere.  But don’t worry, a beautiful lotus will appears from the dirty mud.  All beautiful souls, all once again, were born in a calamitous cycle of time.  In short, be kind to the dark.  It was not born to attack.  Darkness was born to make Light shine even brighter.

Beautiful angel inside

In order for the friends to have all the flexibility and endurance to be solid in this hectic era, it is worth contemplating to immediately stop all forms of energy leakage within.  Not a few energy researchers have concluded that most energy leakage in the human body occurs through negative thoughts full of criticism and conflict.  In this age, it happened because of the encounter of two falsehoods.  Fake news outside (hoax) conspires with fake news inside (read: fear and panic).  So that these leaking energy is tightly closed, quickly clean up the fake news inside.  We cannot stop hoaxes outside.  But you can stop the fear and panic inside.  Those who study psychology understand, fear and panic are included in the learned behavior group.  Behavior learned from outsiders.  Not something that naturally lies inside.  In other words, it is possible and can be cured.

Borrowing the findings of friends in epigenetics, in which genes in the environment can be changed by changing the environment, precisely changing perceptions of the environment, fear and panic can also be changed by changing perceptions of the environment.  The inventor of the bomb must not have imagined that the bomb he found would be used by terrorists to kill many people.  In the same way, the inventor of artificial intelligence would not have imagined that his discovery would turn the world into this mess.  Millions of people lay at home, billions of people are terrorized with fear through social media in particular.  But don’t be discouraged, the hot sun does dry out some of the grass.  Yet at the same time, the same hot sunshine made the many flowers bloom so beautifully.  The spiritual task then was, how the hot weather of life did not turn us into dry grass.  On the other hand, it becomes a very beautiful flower.

Since everything in nature is energy, the first and foremost step in this is to stop the leakage of energy through the mind.  One of the most beautiful approaches available, let’s evolve from hard rock logic to water logic.  Look at the perpetrators of violence from the past until now, almost all of whom wore rigid stone logic: “I am right, the others are wrong.  My religion is right, other people’s religions are wrong.  My nation is right, other peoples are wrong ”.  As rocks are prone to collision, logic stones also frequently collide, and then end with a severe energy leak.  From this kind of situation will born a sick body, a mental imbalance, a troubled soul.  Now consider the wise man who is the source of the Light.  Everything has a pliable and gentle water logic.  The invitation to all friends, let’s stop the leakage of energy through the mind by learning the soft and flexible logic of water.  In short, the truth is not only exist in our group, but may also exist in other groups.  The philosopher Richard Rorty in “Philosophy and the mirror of nature” explicitly mentions, the truth is like a mirror that has broken scattered everywhere.  Our job is to put it back together.  In essence, a flexible and supple mind, that is the beautiful angel inside.

Taking care of the orphan inside

Author of the wonderful book Matt Licata Ph.D in the book “A Healing Space: Befriending ourselves in difficult time” introduces the touching term of the inner orphan.  That is, we all have different parts of ourselves that are rejected. It could be growing up without parent since childhood, it could be traumatic experiences in the form of sexual abuse when he/she was a child.  It can also be a sense of guilt that continues to chase because of big mistakes made in the past, to deficiencies in oneself that are constantly being buried and hidden.  If this is not healed, it will make a person pliable in the midst of the times.  Or it could even give birth to countless sufferings in one’s life.  Including chronic disease.

In order to help friends to be healthy and safe, as well as to become a strong soul in the midst of a chaotic era, first of all it is important to realize that there is an orphan within (read: the rejected part of the self).  Then slowly slowly bring the energy of acceptance to the orphan within.  Arming yourself with a healthier outlook of life, flaws and imperfections are the paths to maturity.  Not part of the punishment.  In order to energize, even the holy souls make mistakes in the beginning, as part of the long road to maturity. Shri Ram shot Subali’s leg when he was a young child.  Prince Siddharta, who later became a Buddha, dissapointed his father at the age of 29.  The grip of the orphan within will slowly loosen up as he/she is accepted as a part of the whole self.  Like nature that accepts night-day as a whole, learns to accept the orphan in oneself.  He/she is not an enemy to be crushed, but a close friend on the path of growth.

Matt Licata has a wonderful suggestion: “Hold the orphan within, at the same time allow a power greater than ourselves to illuminate within.”  For the worshipers of God, this greater power is named God.  For students on the path of meditation, this is called mindfulness.  For the lover of silence, this greater output is called silence.  Once the orphaned within is embraced, at the same time a Light greater than ourselves is allowed to illuminate within, there one can become the inner alchemist.  Where slowly the metal rusts inside slowly, turning into a beautiful gold of healing and peace.

The essence of the lesson is that you should not reject the orphan within yourself.  Avoid giving it hostile titles like sin and hell.  At the same time, learn to be a cuddling friend.  In psychological language, learning to be more self-compassionate.  Before you can do good to others, be kind to the orphan inside.  Strangely, when he/she is embraced by the spirit of wholeness, slowly the force of the orphan inside becomes a smaller and smaller.  Until one day he/she was lost while opening the door to healing and peace.  This is precisely what is called the inner alchemsits.

The second brain

One of the important characteristics of perpetrators of violence from a long time ago, whose lives were chaotic and collapsed, almost everything depends entirely on the brain in the head.  Especially the left brain is rational, systematic, and tends to be rigid.  There is much evidence.  But it’s not good to tell bad stories about other people’s life accidents.  It is not beautiful.  It is better to learn to balance the first brain in the head with the second brain in the heart.  If the first brain is intelligence, the second brain is the language of kindness.  While the first brain likes to build a wall of separation from different people, the second brain is happy to build bridges with other people.  While the first brain (left brain) is rich with logic, the second brain is rich with taste.  That’s how the two compensate for each other.  Life accidents often occur because a person only relies on the first brain.  Insulting the second brain.

In order for friends to be solidified by this chaotic times, let’s learn to balance the first brain with the second brain.  It is often heard in the study of the brain that a logical brain is less than two thousand years old.  A rich brain (emotional brain) is much more than two thousand years old.  The oldest, hundreds of thousands of years old is instinctive brain (instinct, intuition, sensitivity, taste).  In the midst of an era that is made excited by attacks using logic, there is nothing wrong with re-learning a much older brain.  In the field of psychology that delves into intuition, there are several sources of knowledge that are worth reading in this regard.  From the wisdom stored in the body, listening to the signs sent by animals, being sensitive to what is happening in the plant world, to the science of astrobiology that combines astronomy with biology.

As a person who is no longer young, Guruji experienced from childhood with a fairly frequent frequency, every time there was danger, there were unique movements around the right shoulder.  It is said to be unique, because the movements are difficult to express in human language.  Any tongue will have a hard time explaining it.  Having been frequently rescued by this unique mark on the right shoulder, there is a deep curiosity to seek answers as to what exactly is behind the quirky move on the left shoulder before danger strikes.  Later an old holy book opened a secret like this: “When the guardian angel comes to give a warning signal, there he will be present through a unique movement on the right shoulder”.  That is precisely one example of wisdom stored in the body (wisdom of the body).  Lucid dreaming (bright dreams), synchronicity (coincidences that are rich in messages and meanings), people who have hurted us are some of the important signs for those who are interested in deepening the wisdom hidden in the body (wisdom of the body).

Once entering a realm connected with the natural surroundings by reading the signs of plants, animals, astrology, the knowledge of the Shamans (the oldest religion on earth) will be very helpful.  There are no standard guidelines in this matter.  The exception is the sensitivity that is born from a balance and connectedness partner.  Grow in balance in the broadest sense, learn to connect in the deepest sense.  From there will be born a very saving sensitivity.  As experienced by the Compassion family, many very dangerous things have happened, but we survived because we were very sensitive to read the signs.  It’s kind of difficult to get into the realm of detail in this matter.  One-wrong can be mistaken for mental illness.  Mainly because it brings up a series of things that many people don’t see and don’t experience.  The danger with modern knowledge is that humans only focus on things that can be seen and held.

In fact, there are many things that are very important in life, one of which is energy, which is difficult to see and difficult to hold.  In short, in order to become a strong soul in this challenging era, learn to balance the first brain with the second brain.  While the second brain is one of the areas that modern scientists haven’t explored much, there’s nothing wrong with learning on your own.  One of the immediate benefits is that friends will be much more creative and innovative in responding to the challenges of the times.  The assumption is simple, the period of excitement is like a rainbow.  The first brain was like a camera with black-and-white film.  There are many things that the youngest brain cannot grasp (read: logic).  That’s why on a deep spiritual path a message like this has been passed down for a long time: “Logic without feeling makes life dry, feeling without logic makes someone prone to be misunderstood”.

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About the author

Gede Prama

Gede Prama started his spiritual journey through a dialogue with his symbolic Guru in a village at the north of Bali. The journey is then being enriched with his experiences of studying abroad, his meetings with the world greatest spiritual Gurus: His Holiness Dalai Lama, The Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, as well as Professor Karen Armstrong; and also being deepened by his intense meditation practices.

Despite the fact that he was once a CEO of a large corporation with thousand of employees, and was traveling abroad frequently for the purpose of teaching, yet, being deeply moved by the Bali bombing incident in 2002, he then decided to leave everything and went back to his home island.
He has never leave Bali for the past few years. In fact, he rarely leaves the silence of the forest where he lives, except for the purpose of teaching at the sacred sites within Bali.

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