Campuhan Deep within

Written by Gede Prama

In places where the river kissed the beach beautifully, or two rivers merge into one, the elders of Bali gave the name of the place Campuhan. Many shrines have been established there. Of course there is a beautiful spiritual message hidden there.

The river is a symbol of the small and selfish self. The self who likes to be called better than this or that. At the same time it is the part of the self which is easy to get injured because of small reasons. And the ocean is the symbol of the Supreme and Great Self. A place where all things are processed into a beautiful blessing.

In its simple yet profound form, the spiritual journey is a journey of water in a river seeking the ocean. A long self-discovery journey to find the Great self. Yoga, meditation, contemplation, prayer and whatever the name and many activities are intended to reach this point of encounter.

As is often shared in meditation classes, for the ordinary people the water in the river is constantly flowing in search of the ocean. The question is; why the ocean is still far away, why it must face a lot of obstacles, and a series of questions against others.

But for mature and luminous souls, the water in the river never misses the ocean. In the water of a river there is already ocean. In firm and straightforward language, man is not a drop of water looking for the ocean, but the ocean is in a drop of water.

From this profound awareness, was born the approach of: “accept, flow, smile”, has been spread by the spiritual family of Compassion for a long time. From this understanding was also born the sense that the art of meditation is the art of “resting” in this moment as it is.

On the surface, the waves seem to be chasing the shoreline, but once it reaches the beach, the waves return back to the same ocean. On the surface, death seems to separate people, but in the depth of the deep, death is not the opposite of life.

The opponent of death is birth. Life has no opponent. The closest friend of life is called immortality. This is what many spiritual seekers find in the stage of the Great self. You can run away from bad memories of the past, get away from the fear of the future. But you cannotA escape from the present.

Strangely, once the present is “perfectly accepted as it is”, even a lack of peace is transformed into the seeds of peace. In Buddhism, this is called the encounter between Prajna (wisdom) and Upaya (compassion). In Hinduism, this is called the encounter between Shakti (feminine energy) and Shiva (masculine energy).

It is at this level of attainment, that it often sounds like this: “Death is not death for a yogi, it is a little enlightenment”. Death no longer comes with fear. It is just an enlightening little experience. Welcome to the true home beautiful souls.

Author: Guruji Gede Prama.
Proofread By: Kirtsy Spence.

About the author

Gede Prama

Gede Prama is a long student on peace. He began his childhood by communing with symbolical Guru in one of old village in north Bali. Later on when he learned from the life stories of many maha siddha (the enlightened), he began to understand his spiritual experience in childhood. This last experience then enriched by meditating, reading, researching and personal meeting with some of world wide spiritual Gurus like HH Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh and Karen Armstrong.

Scholarship enables Gede Prama to continue his post graduate study to England and France. Hard work makes Gede Prama was appointed as CEO (chief executive officer) of a large corporation at the age of 38. And one year later he left behind all luxuries of corporate world then begin a journey of serving. To serve people on the path of peace.

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