Dispelling the Inner Darkness

Written by Gede Prama

Many people had hoped that 2021 would be the year where this long crisis of a global pandemic ended.  But the discovery of a new variant of the virus that causes this long crisis in a number of countries shows that the world is entering a new chapter of darkness.  No one could predict when this darkness would pass.  The United States as the world’s teacher said that in early January 2021, the world does not seem to be getting brighter. Imagine, the white house that has been sacred to the world for thousands of years was forcibly entered by angry demonstrators.  This fact has shows that not only the order in the US will change, it seems that the world order will also change.  Friends who study astrobiology have taught us that 70% of the energy in nature is actually dark energy.  So it can be predicted, what will happen if mankind put too much power to be against the dark forces. The suggestion then is simple, the most beautiful path to keep us away from the dangerous effects of darkness outside is to lighten up the darkness inside.

Once the garden is beautiful and clean, flies will rarely come to visit.  Once the darkness inside was illuminated, the dark forces outside would not have much effect on one’s life.  That is the central theme that will be shared in the live social media session in January 2021.  Borrowing Sun Tzu’s old legacy: “He who knows himself will recognize his enemy.  He who knows himself and his enemy will win in every battle ”.  In other words, the basic principal for our daily action is to learn not  to hate the darkness outside, but by understanding the complexities of the darkness inside.  Once the complexity of the darkness inside is recognized, one naturally understands the complexity of the darkness outside.  In the end, Sun Tzu is right, there is a high chance that humanity will be healthy and safe in this round of time.  Repeating the thesis at the beginning: “The most beautiful way to protect yourself from the negative influences of the darkness outside, is to illuminate the darkness inside”.

The king whom injured his leg

There is an old story that still shares meaning.  One day a king got his leg injured by a thorn.  Then he angrily ordered his minister to cover all roads with animal skins.  After waiting for the king to calm down, the minister whispered to the king’s ear: “Why don’t your highness feet be wrapped in sandals or shoes instead?”  This is an old story, but many people today behave like the king above.  As soon as there is a problem, they want to shut everyone’s mouth, want to close everyone’s mind, want to close everyone’s feelings.  Not only is that impossible, but dangerous too.  The wisest step that should be taken is to cover your thoughts and feelings in using mindfulness “shoes”.  And once the mind and feeling are wrapped with the shoe of mindfulness, there are fewer external thorns will hurt, less pain will be inflicting by the external environment.

In the same way, the world at the beginning of 2021 is indeed full of thorns.  From a long pandemic crisis that has yet to show signs of ending, to violent conflict raging everywhere.  It is impossible to close the minds of billions of people who are considered different, much healthier and wiser if we learn to cover our own thoughts and feelings by using “shoes” of understanding as well as with full awareness.  For this reason, the most important thesis in this paper is simple but deep: “The most beautiful way to reduce the ill effects of darkness outside is to understand the darkness inside.  Then enlighten it with full understanding and awareness.  Sun Tzu was right when he advised: “He who knows himself will recognize his enemy.  He who knows himself and his enemies will always win in every battle ”.  That is why friends are invited to identify themselves on the inside.  Not for attacking other people.  At least to reduce the bad effects of darkness outside.  It would be great if you could make the world a brighter place.

The point of encounter between body, mind and spirit

The human body is the most complex machine in this samsaric realm.  Especially because there is a complicated interaction between the body, mind and spirit.  Not only invisible things like thoughts, feelings and spirits hides many mysteries, even the visible body also has lots of mystery for us to uncover.  Nevertheless, someone must dare to simplify it so that we can act thoroughly.  To equip friends to be able to heal themselves, hopefully they can help healing the surrounding environment, it is worth considering to be aware of the point of encounter between body, mind (feeling) and spirit.  This is a mysterious topic that has been studied by humans for thousands of years.  And not yet fully open.  As a provision for stepping in this super complicated age, it is worth contemplating slowly and deeply, the point of encounter between the 3 important components of this healing is the biochemical reaction of the brain.

Refreshing the memory of friends, when someone talks (experiences) something, it is captured by the brain.  The brain then produces a biochemical reaction.  If the topics include negative things like fear and panic, the brain will releases a number of hormones that are unhealthy to the body such as cortisol and adrenaline.  When the conversation topics are things that are happy and full of joy, the brain will releases hormones that are healthy and supportive to our healing and growth.  From oxytocyn, dophamin, to serotonin.  Armed with this type of understanding, it is worth depositing to be careful and alert with all our daily words, thoughts and actions.  In succinct, dense yet deep language, the unconsciousness causes man to give birth to disease for his own body.  Mindfulness, equipped with holistic understanding, enables the body to produce medicine to cure itself.  It is in the light of such understanding that this writing is made for all friends.

Illuminating the darkness inside

There is some darkness within which this short article attempts to lighten.  With a simple intention, so that friends can reduce the bad effects of the darkness outside.  Hopefully we can join together to light the darkness outside.

  1. The brain likes patterns and repetitions
    Suppose you like to go to work earlier than usual to avoid traffic jams.  Then have breakfast at your favorite coffee shop near the office.  Park the car right in front of the coffee shop entrance.  Order your favorite coffee and cake every morning.  As well as sitting in a corner that is not disturbed by the greetings of many people.  So that your breakfast time is much more quiet.  This went on over and over for a long time.  So the brain formed a pattern towards this habit.  The brain also feels comfortable if this pattern repeats itself.  For example, in the morning the parking lot in front of the coffee shop is filled with other people, your favorite coffee milk is out of stock, and suddenly someone else has used your favourite seat, it is easy to feel a different feeling inside.  Bad mood at least.  The same thing happens by major events.  People who usually come to the office every day, suddenly have to work from home.  And this have happened for months.  If friends provide themselves with this complete understanding, whenever the usual patterns and repetitions do not occur, take the lantern of understanding inside.  At least the bad mood doesn’t take too long.  It can also prevent a person from getting angry and creating problems.  With this kind of vigilance, the cause of harm of the outside darkness will be minimal.
  2. Thinking feeling loop (thoughts and feelings roll together)
    Watch when friends think badly of other people.  For example, suddenly remember the moment when someone shouted angrily to him in public.  This type of bad thought will give birth to bad feelings.  This bad feeling then rolls up the bad thoughts at the beginning.  As a result, you can get angry without cause, energy leakage, and even your sleep and health can be disturbed.  That is why it is highly recommended to be aware of what is seen, watched and heard outside.  Because it will provoke the mind to think, compare, and analyze.  Then makes a bad bandwagon feeling.  So that the negative impact of the thinking-feeling loop is minimal, as soon as the mind moves in a slightly negative direction, quickly returns to a more neutral middle state of mind.  No need to think about it, or even try to talk about it with the person next door.  Just be aware of the negative effects that might occur if thoughts and feelings roll up against each other.  If the pull of the negative energy feels very heavy, present positive energy as a counterweight. This can be in a form of listening to your favourite music or watch some funny videos.  Once the energy is no longer dangerous, meaning in a balance state, just witness its impermanent nature like the clouds.  And you are not the clouds, you are a witnessing blue sky.
  3. Neurological circuit in the brain
    Borrowing the findings of friends in neuro-science (the field of the human brain), in the brain there are many super small circles associated with events, actions, speech, thoughts and other things that have happened in the past.  Friends who often go on a date to the beach when you were teenagers will easily have a beautiful feeling when they see a beach picture.  Friends who often play golf will easily think of feeling beautiful when they see the green grass image.  He who was sexually abused as a child may vomit looking at pornographic images.  It happens because the neurological circles in the brain are working.  So that the bad impact is minimal, every time a bad memory is visited in particular, there is no need to analyze it, or even talk about it with the other person.  It will only strengthen the neurological circle in the brain.  Then the same circle will be annoying the next time with a greater degree of disturbance.  That is why, a person who likes to wanders his own mind, then serves bad memories with bad thoughts and speech, can slide toward mental illness.  To be healthy and safe, just be aware.  That it is just an ordinary biological mechanism that occurs in the brain.  No need to exaggerate.  Just greet it with the energy of consciousness, then let it pass.  As simple as that.
  4. Very long-lived conditioning
    In the 1940’s a Russian psychologist named Pavlov conducted research on dog’s behavior.  After being fed the dog’s bell was rung.  The same thing is done over and over again.  Then one day they experiment the dog was not fed but they still rung the bell.  It turned out that the dog was salivating.  In both the deep psychological and spiritual realms, this is called conditioning.  J. Krisnamurti likes to discuss this topic.  Many of the behaviors of creatures in nature, including humans, are the result of very long conditioning.  Not only from childhood, there are even those from a previous life.  Anger for example, he was just a guardian energy within.  But because from a young age, humans saw people getting angry in a dangerous way, then without realizing it, many people became dangerously angry too.  In an age when education was not very advanced, whenever a new religion was born, it was always followed by a statement that the old was wrong, the new was right.  Now when education and technology have advanced so much, there are still many people who make claims that only their own religion is correct.  This is also the result of conditioning.  In an age when the law was not yet strong, society was guarded by building a barrier.  Not only a physical wall like the Chinese wall, but also a high dividing wall that separates certain groups from other groups.  Now that law and human rights are so advanced, there are still many people who are conditioned like this.  Realizing that all of these are the result of conditioning, so there is no need to be overly followed.  As a result, it becomes a lantern carried on to the darkness within.  In the end, the negative impact will be minimal.  Hopefully I can bring the light of this understanding to the environment.
  5. Paradox and contradiction within
    The human body is made from a variety of conflicting materials.  From solid and liquid, to fire and water.  So it was understandable if everyone have their own conflicting energies inside.  I don’t want to be angry, but yet the still become angry.  Not only people who are not touched by meditation and spirituality, even those who are touched by meditation and deep spirituality sometimes visited by bad memories.  For example when husband and wife argue.  After a fight, his ego tells him not to meet his wife.  But the sexual energy inside wants him to meet her.  This has been the human body from ancient times until now.  For minimal cause of harm, look at yourself as if you were seeing a circle of Yin-Yang.  There is dark and there is light inside.  In the dark part there is bright circle.  In the light part there is dark circle.  This means that behind mistakes there are seeds of goodness.  Behind kindness lies the seed of error.  Just as electric light appears because it synthesizes negatives-positives, learn to synthesizes your negatives-positives energy inside.  Especially by diligently and sincerely witnessing.  In the world of enlightened souls, messages like this are often heard: “The most important measurement of enlightenment is how comfortable you are with paradox and contradiction”.  The most important measure of enlightenment is how comfortable you are with your own inner paradoxes and contradictions.  Understanding and deeply aware of the nature of the human body like this, that is also the beautiful Light that is brought into the darkness within.
  6. The gaps inside
    Everyone has some annoying gaps inside.  The gap between what is idealized and what actually happens.  All parents want to be patient in front of their children, but in reality, not many parents can be patient in front of their children.  Everyone wants to be called good by others, but not many people in their daily life really match the criteria of a good person.  The wider this gap, the more distracted was the person’s energy inside.  Many of the calamities of life such as suicide are driven by the guilt that this type of inequality brings.  To minimize the cause of harm, be aware deeply that everyone has their own gaps.  As life grows, the ideal size also grows, it is rare for these two elements to meet exactly and right forever.  The lantern carried by simple meditation, learn to spreads the mindfulness light inward.  In mindfulness there is the word full.  That is, guide yourself to always return to the most beautiful house of wholeness.  Where there is a mountain peak, there is a valley.  Where there are advantages, there are disadvantages. Beautifully smile to both of them, that is the most beautiful home to wholeness.  At the same time that is the most beautiful gift that meditation can give.
  7. Practice, practice and practice
    Understanding the intellect in the head is not everything.  It is only a part of the Light that is stored within.  To put it simply, there are two groups of people in the process of understanding the Light within.  The first is the philosophical man.  This is the people who mostly understands through their own intellect.  The second type is the practical man.  He who understands by practicing in day to day life.  The two complement each other of course.  The explanation from number 1 to number 6 is all explanation at the head level.  It is of course incomplete.  Friends who have experience it personally for a long time will understand, in the end only practice makes spiritual steps becomes perfect.  Without practice, there will always be something missing inside.  That is why, the Compassion family has spent years of practice in serving others, serving and only serving.  Later, it even had 3 service centers, namely P3A (service and care center for children with special needs), P3B (service center and suicide prevention), and P3C (service center and divorce prevention).  We do not collect any money, but it feels like the service makes the journey of the soul even brighter.  Many secrets that the sacred book does not reveal are exposed through the practice of servicing others.  Secrets, of course will be secrets.  In essence, the practice of service makes sacred teachings truly embodied in the inside.  If blessed, one can become a living scriptures (living holy book).  Every holy Guru who becomes a living scripture has a different charisma and light.  The defining explanations in this regard are practice, practice and practice.

In conclusion, from some aspects the world is still dark at the beginning of 2021.  But don’t forget, you can use the darkness outside to give birth to the Light inside.  At least it can minimize the negative impact of darkness outside, by recognizing the darkness inside, and lighting up the darkness inside.  As a direct result, you will experience less energy leak.  With sufficient energy inside, the body through the immune system has all the capabilities to maintain and heal itself.  Another explanation, disease vibrates at the level below 100, while love vibrates at the level of 550. And the above steps are steps of self-love.  Self-care which is the root of all loving kindness.  If practiced diligently and sincerely, the steps above can even bring friends to a level of peace.  The level of vibration that is even higher at 1,000.  Far above the vibrations of viruses and diseases. Hopefully this article is useful for all friends.  May all sentient beings be happy.

***) This is a summary of the topics that Guruji will share on social media live on January 19th and 20th, 2021 through the Compassion family social media network.

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Gede Prama

Gede Prama started his spiritual journey through a dialogue with his symbolic Guru in a village at the north of Bali. The journey is then being enriched with his experiences of studying abroad, his meetings with the world greatest spiritual Gurus: His Holiness Dalai Lama, The Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, as well as Professor Karen Armstrong; and also being deepened by his intense meditation practices.

Despite the fact that he was once a CEO of a large corporation with thousand of employees, and was traveling abroad frequently for the purpose of teaching, yet, being deeply moved by the Bali bombing incident in 2002, he then decided to leave everything and went back to his home island.
He has never leave Bali for the past few years. In fact, he rarely leaves the silence of the forest where he lives, except for the purpose of teaching at the sacred sites within Bali.

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