Erotic Intelligence

“Why is sex so prohibited in the spiritual world?”, many people ask. For the novice public, sex is best avoided.

The energy is too strong. It is similar to high voltage electricity.  And the beginner audience is like an innocent child who doesn’t know the dangers of high voltage electricity.

Even high-level spiritual practitioners have many dangers. In Jakarta, it has been heard that 2 spiritual teachers were sent to prison because of this type of practice.

In the Himalayan region there is a famous spiritual teacher who it was widely reported on YouTube that he killed his wife. And have to deal with the police.

So it requires a high level of intelligence to practice teachings that are also at a high level.  In Tantra there is indeed theoretical intelligence.

Which involves sex, of course.  But it must be protected in layers so that it is not dangerous.  It cannot be treated poorly like some prostitution house.

That offers some kinds of Tantric practices. Once again, this can be very dangerous!. To treat public curiosity, there’s no harm in knowing about erotic intelligence that is safe and comfortable.

Honestly, sex is not only related to orgasm and similar pleasures. There is a deeper meaning of sex. That is also very safe.

Namely, learning to give only the good parts of yourself to your life partner. Especially at the moment when you are together.

From keeping your mind away from any kind of judgment, keeping your lips away from hurtful words, or even from any kind of violent actions.

At the same time, give your partner eyes that are full of affection, ears that are happily listening, lips that are sweet because they contain lots of praise.

The most important thing is a beautiful attitude. Once again, a beautiful gesture. Remember, he who gives good things to others, will find the best part of himself.

This is exactly what is called erotic intelligence: “Give only good things to your life partner when you are together, then you will also get the best of the relationship.”

And the most erotic person who ever existed was the one who always gave the best to his/her life partner.  There are signs, of course.

The life partner will grow up healthy, happy, and more beautiful (sympathetic) as he/she grows older.

Because your life partner is like a mirror, those of you whose erotic intelligence is amazing also experience the same thing: “The older you get, the more beautiful (sympathetic) you will get.”

As a practical provision, take time alone with your life partner to occasionally eat or go for a walk together outside the house.

When at a restaurant, touch your partner’s feet with your feet.  In front of people, show that you love and care about your partner’s happiness.

Going to the place where you had your first kiss is also recommended. The place where you first met and said fell in love.

As well as many other practical steps that are worth trying.  What is clear is that time with your partner is a time to increase your erotic intelligence.

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