From Buddha to Shiva

Last night there was a full moon.  There are people who match the vibration of the Full Moon.  Some people do not.  Similar things happen with holy souls.

Gautama Buddha is very compatible with the Full Moon.  Disciples on Shiva’s path are closer to a moonless night.  Some people like crescent moons.  There are also those who like half moons.

It talked about different teachings for people with different levels of maturity.  The invitation is to learn to be sensitive through different nights.

If you are uncomfortable during the Full Moon, or even often being attacked by people, that is a sign that someone needs different kinds of teachings.

Shiva’s teachings are unique, there is the mantra “I am both darkness & light”. It transcends duality.

That is why novice seekers on the path of Shiva will encounter many dark things.  Especially because a lot of disciples in this path also learn the dark side of spirituality.

The path here is very dangerous for the souls at this level.  The story would be different if someone went through the Buddha’s path first.

What is unique in Hinayana is that the disciples are required to have very high discipline.  The beautiful thing about Mahayana, the heart is being beautified with compassion.  And there is another path called Tantrayana.

The main center of the path is a total devotion to the Guru.  Gurus are like high voltage electricity.  If you hold it wrong, you will be electrocuted and die.  If you can hold it properly, the light that is produced is very bright.

Both teachers and students must be very smart in this matter. Those who can pass through these 3 Yanas, may be able to unlock the secrets of Shiva’s teachings.

Once the secret is revealed, the language used here tends to be more poetic.  Because poetry better represents the beauty of the achievement within.

Pay attention to Nisargadatta Maharaj’s message: “In the eyes of wisdom, I am nothing. In the eyes of love, I am everything”.

Rumi is very beautiful: “For years I knocked on your door. It didn’t open for a long time. After it opened, it turned out I was knocking from the inside.”

The Venerable Thich Nhat is also beautiful: “When I die, don’t make a stupa for me. Because I am neither outside nor inside”.  That’s typical of Zen people.

HH Dalai Lama is no less beautiful: “When you choose between religion and compassion, choose compassion”.

One night, a spirit asked Guruji: “Who are you?”  When answered “I am silent, who speaks the language of love”, the spirit smiled and then left.

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Photo caption: The peak of Mount Kailash which is believed to be the highest home of Shiva on earth.  It is located in Tibet.

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