Love Heals the Soul

When you are not in line with your boss, you can move to the other workplace. When you do not get along with the neighbors, you can move to the other house. However, when you have trouble with your children, or having children with special needs, you can not run away, the only way to follow is to transform it into the Path.

In order to help the parents of children with special needs from all over Bali to transform life into the Path, on wednesday May 13th 2015 more than a thousand of parents to the children with special needs gathered at Art Center Denpasar Bali.

The message that was delivered was simple, learning deeply to the soul wound within. Every spiritual friend who has passed through many pain, bow deeply into the pain, take refuge to the soul wound within, usually understand, there is a very beautiful lesson that is hidden behind the inner sacred wound. The beautiful lesson is simple, soul wound is very purifying and perfecting as well.

Soul purification happens when someone does not fight against the pain. On the contrary, learn to take refuge to the inner sacred wound. In a simple but deep language: “soul wound is a hidden Guru”. For that reason, the first step in transforming the pain into the path is to see children with special needs as teachers who are here to purify and perfects the soul.

With this reference in mind, pain that is presented by children with special needs cease to be a temptation, it is no longer seen as punishment. Instead, it transforms life which is full of pain into the journey to be back home. To the parents of children with special needs are often suggested to whisper this mantra: “I take refuge to the sacred wound within”.

In Bali, the Balinese elders called this approach meshiva raga (learning deeply to the Shiva within). In Buddhism, this path is known as a way to find the holy land that lies within. The Shiva or the Buddha inside can purify us through various experiences. In our age, pain, wound are very purifying.

And the process of spiritual transformation like this can happen, if someone is no longer call pain as punishment. On the contrary, learn to focus on the spiritual guidance behind the wound. To make it concrete, treat every pain and sadness that is presented by the children with special needs as a means to perfect your love.

Commoners used to fall in love. It simply means, the consciousness fall because of having love relation with someone. Some teenagers can forget everything because of love. All friend who are diligent and sincere to learn from the pain within will evolve further. They no longer fall in love, but rise in love.

Through this approach, the children with special needs are no longer tempting the parents, but they make the soul of parents to grow even further. On the one hand, a number of inner darkness like anger disappear, on the other hand a number of light like love and understanding appear inside. The main characteristic is simple, the soul begins to experience spiritual connection as the root of all healing.

As one grow deep on this path, someday they will have a direct experience of blooming into love. Beautiful souls who come to this stage are like butterflies. They don’t need to search here and there, the honey of peace is available at the center within. This is a spiritual journey that is suggested to the parents of children with special needs. In short, love that has been perfected by long pain heals the soul.

Author: Gede Prama
Photo Courtesy: Twitter @JenaC2

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