Nyepi Day Reflection: The Most Beautiful Music of The Soul

Written by Gede Prama

Previously, the idea of ​​everything being connected was only heard in the spiritual world. Now, it has entered the academic world. A close friend in the United States told a story, in a number of prominent universities the field of astro biology that combines astronomy (astrology) with biological sciences has begun to emerge. In this field of study, scientists found, the human body is formed from fragments that are the same as the materials that make up stars. As a result, human movements not only affect the dynamics on the face of the earth, but also influence the dynamics in the world of astronomy.

In line with this, in the world of quantum physics this message has long been heard: “Broken butterfly wings in Okinawa influence the weather in Australia”. Again, this shown us that everything is actually connected. It is worth considering that current economic growth everywhere is very fast. Even the fastest in history. Seeing what is happening in the field, not all economic assumptions are correct. One assumption of economics worth thinking about is the assumption that the higher the economic growth, the more healthy the human soul. The statistics in developed countries have shown us the opposite.

Mental Ecology

Suicide rates, divorce, consumption of sleeping pills and people with chronic illnesses have all skyrocketed in first world countries. In some states in the United States, suicide is even legalized. The report on world happiness in recent years tells us that more than 1 billion people on earth are affected by depression and excessive fear. In one of the gentle English-speaking country, one in seven children experiences mental disorder. This told us brightly that economic growth has turned out to have caused a severe ecological impact. Not only is the outside ecology beyond severe, the ecology in the human psyche is also severe. That is why, the discourse in public spaces is getting more and more complicated.

The way the president of the United States of America communicates, Donald Trump, most of the time communicating things with bad languange, this not only tells us about the ecology of the soul of Donald Trump, but also tells about the ecology of the soul of many humans. Especially because leaders are chosen by many people. The struggle for power in politics, not only does involve violence of words. Likewise communication at the lower level, the situation is the same. If seen in historical records, armed conflict in the world has indeed declined in recent years, but the conflict has shifted from conflict that uses weapons to conflict using words. And the mental wounds caused by the war of words were no less severe than the armed conflicts.

The World Health Organization has long predicted that starting in 2020, the world will be more burdened by mental illness than physical illness. Friends who intensively carry out service in the community understand, here and there there is a very deep problem of the human soul with the ecology. In meditation classes it is clear, how the words of parents who are immature in particular, causes deep mental wounds to their children. And this mental wound again becomes a burden on parents later. The old age is intended to be beautiful, then it turns out to be full of disaster. Imagine, a weak old body must carry a mentally ill child.

Music that Heals

From time to time it is seen, every time a disease grows, it is always followed by the birth of medicine. In the lap of time when the ecology of the human soul is so severe, here and there people are seen talking about the healing power of music. In England there is Chloe Goodchild who deepens the healing power of music once in a while. In the United States there are many people who are engaged in the healing power of music. In the midst of the rampant offer of people who will recover from the power of music, few remember that the old figure in the world of music, namely Mozart once advised: “The most beautiful music is a silent-clear space between two voices”.

After interviewing thousands of mentally ill friends in meditation sessions, the mentally ill friends were very noisy. There is something boisterous about criticism of the innerself, there is something super crowded by contrasting the right against wrong. For this type of person, let alone insulting people, even holy books make the soul even more ill. Especially because the ideal measures in the holy book are used to hurt themselves and others. Other people who are injured are then attacked with counter-attacks that are far more injurious. This is what is called by many in the West as religion making many people become mentally ill.

At this point, we should recall Mozart’s message to touch the silent-clear space between the two voices. Often recommended in simple meditation classes, as high as any spiritual achievement, life will always be bumpy. And meditation is not here to stop the waves. But inviting friends to surf the waves. The surfboard was called perseverance to watch with compassionate eyes. Sad – happy, true-false, grief – joy are all witnessed with the eyes of compassion. The supposition is simple, the real self is similar to a computer screen. All duality like the above is a changing picture that comes one after another.

Pictures of fire do not burn the computer screen, images of water do not make it wet. All are just passing by. Practical guidelines, when hearing angry people for example, learn to touch the silent space between the two words. Just say an angry person issued a sentence: “You’re stupid”. Between the words “You’re” and the word “stupid” there is a silent-clear space. Train yourself to get in touch with this quiet space as often as possible. Many meditation students have been successfully cured by this approach. Some people suspect that this quiet space makes people less caring.

But friends who have been healed on this path understand, just as the nature of water that is wet, the beautiful nature of flowers, the natural nature of the soul that is quiet always longs to bring many souls to bloom beautifully. That is why, not all bright souls grow in solitude. Some grow in a friendly crowd of services. Mother Teresa has grown in the slums of Calcutta for decades. Nelson Mandela paid a fortune by being imprisoned for 27 years. Mahatma Gandhi paid a higher price because his body was shot dead.

On this path, prayer is not here to make life beautiful. Prayer is here so that the soul always smiles beautifully. Our memories in Bali are often refreshed, that the face of God whom is most worshiped in Bali is beauty. Not only the dances, even the logs that were washed away in the river, were carved into beautiful carvings. That is also why, close friends who like to pray are given advice, after reciting the Shanti (peace) prayer three times, remember to recite the prayer of Aham Prema (I am love who is here to share love). A simple prayer so that the ecology of the soul inside becomes more beautiful. This is exactly what is called the most beautiful music of the soul. Happy Nyepi (Silent) Day.

Author: Guruji Gede Prama.
Photo: Michael Brewer.
Proofread By: Kirsty Spence.

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Gede Prama

Gede Prama started his spiritual journey through a dialogue with his symbolic Guru in a village at the north of Bali. The journey is then being enriched with his experiences of studying abroad, his meetings with the world greatest spiritual Gurus: His Holiness Dalai Lama, The Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, as well as Professor Karen Armstrong; and also being deepened by his intense meditation practices.

Despite the fact that he was once a CEO of a large corporation with thousand of employees, and was traveling abroad frequently for the purpose of teaching, yet, being deeply moved by the Bali bombing incident in 2002, he then decided to leave everything and went back to his home island.
He has never leave Bali for the past few years. In fact, he rarely leaves the silence of the forest where he lives, except for the purpose of teaching at the sacred sites within Bali.

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