Spiritual Compassion family news: Receiving honored guests from the United States (part 2)

Written by Gede Prama

Spiritual Compassion family news:
Receiving honored guests from the United States (part 2)

A conversation with an international writer, a psychologist with a long time writing experiences from the US named Kari Joys at the Avalokiteshvara Ashram in North Bali yesterday, turned out to be very soul-enriching. Later on, this conversation will be published in the form of a long video. Interestingly, when asked why the famous movie star Robin Williams and the famous singer Michael Jackson ended their lives in a very touching manner through suicide, this is the answer of a very beautiful-hearted therapist: “Not a few people cover up their inner pain by laughing and singing. The suggestion then, don’t cover up the pain. Meet the pain. Be your own best healer “. And the best way to become a healer for yourself is through self-acceptance. For our inner contemplation, a life that is always straight and smooth does not exist. Even holy souls are also injured. When you receive the pain that comes from childhood in particular, you are being a surfer who encounters waves. Become a kite that meets the crashing wind.

As the results of Kari Joys’ interview with Guruji many years ago which have been published become beautiful books that are read by many people around the world, combination of awareness and patience (carefulness). Awareness is about continually watching as a witness. Allowing pain to pass naturally with time. Patience is the act of diligently and sincerely getting up again whenever we fall. The most important thing is not how many times did we fall, but how many times we get up after falling.

Author: Guruji Gede Prama

  1. Guruji welcoming Kari Joys
  2. Kari Joys’s book “Finding Joy Around the world” which contains the results of Kari Joys interview with Guruji in chapter 3 page 13, which makes Guruji Gede Prama at the same level to world-class spiritual Masters

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