Strengthening Soul Wings

Written by Gede Prama

A profound spiritual journey is not an easy journey. Suppose this path is easy, many people will join. However, since the beginning deep spiritual aspirants have always been limited. To invite people to join the spiritual journey, beginners are given candy representing that life can be peaceful and beautiful after joining a spiritual journey. Every deep spiritual traveler knows, when the spiritual journey appears to be easy and full of beauty, it’s a sign that someone just grow on the skin surface.

Whenever the spiritual journey begins to grow deep, without asking and without praying, trials, temptations, shocks and attacks will come without you knowing when it will stop. The deeper a person grows, then the more often and the more threatening the attack will be. To those who are getting close to the spiritual home of peace they will increasingly experience many shocks. As examples, in our time, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon were shot dead.

As experiences of contemplation, trials, shock, attack and threats are not signs that someone is committing a lot of mistakes. It is a sign that a person is invited to grow deeply. This might happen if someone does not run. At the same time allow the shocks and attacks to strengthen the soul wings. There are plenty of soul nutrition which is available to strengthen the soul wings. One of them are the songs of bamboo that will be explained below.

Try to look deeper into bamboo. It is strong, stable and can not be uprooted by the wind. And the main reason why bamboo is so strong because they are deeply rooted within. Unlike most human beings whose lives are weak and fragile because they are rooted outside (praise, status, wealth, fame), shining souls are deeply rooted within. The homework then, learn to grow deep within. Thankfulness and gratitude are beautiful friends in this case. It is a beautiful and peaceful prayer as well.

Secondly, bamboos are always fresh in all seasons. This is different from most people who are only fresh when they have money and praise. Since there is no life which is always rich and happy, it’s worth learning to be peaceful and beautiful in every step of life. Being rich is beautiful. Especially because wealth can be used to serve others. Being poor can be peaceful too. More specifically because you do not need to be afraid of losing something. Being successful is beautiful because it is full of praise. Retirement is also beautiful. Abundant time available to make life so luminous.

The third song of bamboo, after growing high, bamboos will naturally bow humbly. Anyone who grows high and then tend to be high profile, they prepare for their own collapse later. And the peak of the story of bamboos, when bamboo is split, it is empty inside. To be honest, why so many lives are easily stressed, angry and offended, is because it is full within. It is full of pride, wealth and social status, etc. As soon as there are people who behave differently, the temptation of being angry easily arise. And bamboos keep teaching, all the great things in life that make people easily offended are empty at the end.

Not the ordinary emptiness, but the emptiness that provides space to anything and anyone to grow. In a simple but deep language, as the natural nature of a lake is peaceful, the natural nature of flowers is beauty, the natural nature of emptiness makes life beautiful and peaceful. And the force of nature that makes a person understand emptiness is not intellectual understanding, but it is trials, temptations, shocks and attacks, that are transformed into a deep spiritual journey. For those deep souls who had reached this level of attainment, they will deeply understand, what is called by the commoners as a vicious attack of satan, it is actually the beautiful smile of God.

Author: Guru Gede Prama.
Photo Courtesy: DarniForgot
Proofread by: Kirsty Spence.

About the author

Gede Prama

Gede Prama is a long student on peace. He began his childhood by communing with symbolical Guru in one of old village in north Bali. Later on when he learned from the life stories of many maha siddha (the enlightened), he began to understand his spiritual experience in childhood. This last experience then enriched by meditating, reading, researching and personal meeting with some of world wide spiritual Gurus like HH Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh and Karen Armstrong.

Scholarship enables Gede Prama to continue his post graduate study to England and France. Hard work makes Gede Prama was appointed as CEO (chief executive officer) of a large corporation at the age of 38. And one year later he left behind all luxuries of corporate world then begin a journey of serving. To serve people on the path of peace.

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