The Butterfly of Soul

In the Eastern society there is an old tradition saying that when the house is visited by butterflies, it is a sign that guests will come. It is not entirely wrong actually. However, it is difficult to deny that the butterfly is the symbol of beauty in nature. Each spiritual friend who are spiritually sensitive will understand, there are deep spiritual secrets which are hidden behind the butterfly.

As it is often quoted in the world of soul growth, before evolving into a butterfly, the cocoon must go out of their house. It is worth contemplating, the process of the cocoon going out of their home is very painful. The same thing happens with spiritual growth. We are not just talking about the beginners, even the saints must pass through the unimaginable pain.

That is the reason why, in Tantra the enlightened beings are called Maha Siddhas. To put it simply, spiritual seekers who have passed through the extrodinary and the unimaginable trials, then enter the gate of light. One of the prominent figures in this case is Jetsun Milarepa of Tibet. He passed through the bloody process. He even nearly committing suicide because of the unimaginable trials.

Not much different from the evolution of the cocoon into the butterfly, after passing through the threatening attacks and shocks, the enlightened souls will have soul wings. The sign is simple, the past is no longer full of guilt. The future is no longer full of uncertainties. The only thing left is the present as the only present.

Unlike the frog which keeps jumping here and there, and not always finding what they seek, butterflies usually fly with a focus and direction. They find honey in the center of the flowers. The same thing happens with the enlightened beings. That is why, one of the spiritual wealths on the path of meditation is called samadhi (the focused mind). As soon as someone takes a long rest in deep samadhi, there is the possibility that souls can beautifully fly.

One part of the butterflies life which is worthy of contemplation, they took the honey of flowers without damaging the beauty of the flowers. The spiritual message then, you may grow on earth. But do not forget to take the honey (by which read: love) without creating too much damage on earth.

In the world of families, parents are always advised to take good care of children in particular. It is much easier to take good care of children, compared to heal the damaged soul of an adult. Sadly speaking, some families shared their stories, a few old people take good care of their mentally damaged children when their body is beginning to be very weak and tired.

The most beautiful part of the butterfly is their wings. In the same way, in Eastern society the enlightened beings are described as having a beautiful pair of wings. The right wing is called compassion (to live totally for the sake of the others). The left wing is called wisdom (silence, perfection)

As a pair of butterfly wings, the last couple of wings also can not be separated. Wisdom and compassion can not be separated. It is as natural as flowers which can not be separated with beauty. As natural as water which can not be separated from being wet.

That is why the message which is often heard in the community of luminous souls is like this: “as the natural nature of the ocean which is full of waves, the natural nature of the forest which is full of trees, the natural nature of enlightened beings is to be full of compassion”.

Author : Guruji Gede Prama
Proof : Kirsty Spence
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