The Impact of Enlightenment on The Brain

In this era, the organ of the human body that is widely studied by researchers is the brain.  The heart is starting to be on researched subject, but not as much as the research done on brain.

What is worth paying attention to is that there are starting to be neuro-scientists who are researching using super sophisticated modern tools about the impact of enlightenment on the brain.

Professor from Harvard University, Daniel Goleman told how a number of Olympic meditators from Tibet, Nepal, India could reach gamma waves in a matter of seconds.

Something that is unimaginable for ordinary people.  For ordinary people, transitioning from beta to alpha is difficult.
Even very difficult, through theta, delta and gamma waves.

More advanced research on this issue even goes deeper.  Enlightenment not only affects brain waves, but also changes some important parts of the brain.

The first part of the brain that is drastically changed by enlightenment is the limbic system.  It is related to emotions. How people respond to emotions.

For those who experience great enlightenment (not small enlightenments that can be experienced many times), the limbic system is very different from ordinary people.

What is clear is that feelings can jump from one thing to another, but they do not make thoughts, words and actions move haphazardly.

Waves of feelings just pass by like waves on the beach, like wind in space, like clouds in the sky.

Another part of the brain that is significantly changed by the Great Enlightenment is the thalamus which is located in the deepest part of the brain.

As a result, the brain is no longer an arrogant master.  The brain turns into a humble servant.  The brain is only the vehicle, consciousness is the driver.

Once past this stage, a person will be more influenced by heart energy.  And understand the 4 chambers of the heart more deeply.

From the chamber of a crying child within, the chamber of a heart full of compassion, the chamber of a brave heart, to a heart full of wisdom.

The little child crying inside represents the wound of the soul that has not healed. It often teases with bad memories, bad thoughts, and bad feelings.

A heart full of compassion sees all beings as suffering souls, And you are here to lighten the burden of their suffering.

A brave heart like Mahatma Gandhi.  To achieve his holy mission, he dared to sacrifice everything, including his life.

A wise heart experiences, in this world plus one minus one.  Progress in one area is followed by setbacks in another area.

The Eastern language called it emptiness.  But the emptiness that contains love.  From this emptiness blooms the beautiful flower of love.

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