The Whisper of Peace from Mount Agung

Written by Gede Prama

A few days after the government stepped up the status of Mount Agung to be alert, the website cited the Earth Observatory website, sharing the story about the worldwide impact of the great eruption of Mount Agung that occurred in March 1963. Referring to the records of researchers from the University of Iowa named James Hansen, it turned out there was a very soothing message behind the great explosion of Mount Agung more than half a century ago.

In summary, the volcanic eruption released by Mount Agung in 1963 not only stood high, but also survived in space for many years. As a result, it absorbs sunlight radiating to the earth’s surface. The most touching conclusion, according to James Hensen, the eruption of Mount Agung played a significant role in making the earth become cooler.

The following homework then, how to translate the “peace message” coming from the summit of Mount Agung into the daily steps of peace, which can make the earth really cool. As we can see here and there, the earth is getting warmer. It is not only becoming warmer physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

It is unwise to mention the unbeautiful things that happened in someone else’s place. Even in the island of Bali – an island which is often referred as the most beautiful island in the world, there are several things that has made the earth warmer. Similar to the dry garden which longs for water, the dry earth also longs for the cool and soft aura of peace.

“Changing frequency is changing reality”, that is the conclusion of many spiritual friends who are deeply learning energy. Especially spiritual energy. To put it simply, when people change their frequency within themselves, people can actively change the realities that exist here on earth. The most frequently cited masterpiece in this regard is the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto about the shape of particles in water.

When the word “stupid” is shown as one example, the water particles form a scary face. When the word “peace” is shown to the water, particles of the water form a beautiful face that resembles a diamond. In conclusion, different states of mind produce different forms of reality. The spiritual invitation then, human beings can actively make the reality on earth become more peaceful, especially by continuously vibrating at a peaceful stage.

Spiritual friends who deeply learn energy understand, there is a clear distinction between mind energy and spiritual energy. While mind energy tends to be inflexible and rigid, spiritual energy is more flexible and soft. While the energy of the mind is hungry of the hard truth, the spiritual energy longs for the soft aura of kindness and peace.

It’s not easy to ask clever people in school and college to have a flexible mind. It is even more difficult to urge politicians to be friendly and flexible during public elections. But it is worth remembering, not just about the researchers who remind us about the warming earth. Even the eruption of Mount Agung is inviting human beings to be cooler and more peaceful from day to day.

The Balinese elders have an old tradition that deserves to be learned. In other places the lower creatures are considered to be enemies, some even call them enemies of God. On the contrary, the Balinese elders give them treats and provide them a house called penunggun karang. The guiding message then, learn not to discard the inner lower energies such as hatred and anger. Like what the Balinese elders do, learn to embrace them lovingly.

In psychology there is an old formula: “What you resist persists”. What you fight against will fight you back. For that reason, learn to hug the hard energies within. Just like a mother who accepts her naughty children. Similar to Balinese elders who embrace the lower creatures. Quoting from a meditation teacher: “The biggest catalyst of change is to accept them as they are”. When the hard energy within is accepted as it is, then there is a possibility of change. This is where the soothing step of mother earth should be started. At the same time, always remember that only those who find a true friend inside will find a true friend outside. Only one who has a cool tree inside, can share the coolness of peace outside. At the same time, this is what the Balinese elders call the Great soul.

Author: Guruji Gede Prama.
Photo Courtesy: Kumparan.
Proofread By: Kirsty Spence.

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Gede Prama

Gede Prama is a long student on peace. He began his childhood by communing with symbolical Guru in one of old village in north Bali. Later on when he learned from the life stories of many maha siddha (the enlightened), he began to understand his spiritual experience in childhood. This last experience then enriched by meditating, reading, researching and personal meeting with some of world wide spiritual Gurus like HH Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh and Karen Armstrong.

Scholarship enables Gede Prama to continue his post graduate study to England and France. Hard work makes Gede Prama was appointed as CEO (chief executive officer) of a large corporation at the age of 38. And one year later he left behind all luxuries of corporate world then begin a journey of serving. To serve people on the path of peace.

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