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“We die only once, but we live every single day”, a wise man said. That is, not a few people are excessively afraid of death.

But most forget, death which is only once, steals the quality of life many times. For that reason, let’s grow from fearing death to loving life.

In blue regions of the world such as Okinawa Japan, where there are many healthy and long-lived elderly people, the approach is quite different.

Death is not given much thought, but life is given a lot of attention. One of them is by finding things that make life meaningful and useful.

A grandmother in Australia who celebrates her 125th birthday and is healthy and happy, wakes up every morning with the noble intention of wanting to make her grandchildren happy.

The invitation then, learn as early as possible to appreciate life. Even if there are bad memories, learn to let go by seeing it as a source of learning.

On the path of letting go, there are beautiful messages like this: “Letting go make you have everything”. Sincerity to let go makes you feel richer.

Like pouring dirty water from a cup, then enabling us to put the tea in the cup, such is the art of letting go.

In short, find meaningful things in everyday life. From children and grandchildren who grow up healthy, to a faithful life partner.

If there are unhealthy things left in your mind, learn to let it go. It has long been written on the path of meditation that the art of peace is the art of letting go.

The practical step, grow from “using time” to “enjoying time”. Enjoy every moment of life like a child opens up his present.

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