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The ancient elders were very diligent in these teaching manners.  In ancient schools, it was even included in the school subject curriculum.

Those who is starting to grow old will understands that behaviour and manners are showing our true inner nature on the outside. That’s why, in places with high culture society, the human language is much more refined.

The same thing happens with the spiritual world.  Since the beginning of time, there have been certain ethics that needs to be followed.  In Tantra there is a story of a disobedient student, whom did not respect his teacher.

After the teaching finishes, The Guru asked him “why didn’t you prostrate?”  The student answered: “I did not see you”.  At that instant moment, this disciple’s eyes fell to the ground.

Stories of students who lost their lives while studying spiritually also existed since a long time ago.  In order to be healthy and safe, it is very important to know the ethics when meeting a true Master.

If one have negative thoughts about the true Guru, it is best advised to politely walk away.  While keep remembering, sincere devotion to Guru is important, but protecting one’s life is also important.

For the general public, the most beautiful devotional service is “practising” the teachings in daily life.  If the practice is beautiful, gradually deep respect for the true Guru will grow.

It’s not impossible to see the face of a Guru that is very beautiful.  One day there was a student who learn from Buddha Maitriya (Buddha of compassion).  He then search for his Guru everywhere and the Guru is nowhere could be found.

Due to exhaustion, he stopped looking for his Guru, but “practiced” the teachings that been taught.  At one time, this student met a dog that was dirty, sick, full of scabs on its body.

He then treat this dirty dog ​​sincerely, even to remove maggots from this dog, he uses his own tongue.  As soon as the dog recovered, he turned into Buddha Maitria.

This student was so happy, he carried his teacher around the market.  Everyone in the market thought he was crazy for holding a filthy dog.

But an old lady with a beautiful heart can see that the dog’s feet are the same as those of Buddha Maitria. The bottom line is, always practice the teachings you’re taught.

A few close disciples usually have the opportunity to serve the true Guru.  But be careful, the true Guru is like the sun. When you are too close, you can get burn.

If you stay too far away, you will be lack of light.  Keeping the right distance that’s the most recommended advice.  If you are smart at keeping the right distance, close disciples can also be like Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.  Seeing the face of the great true Master.

In Tibet, Venerable Lama Padmashambawa is highly respected Guru, for helping the king build a holy shrine.  After previously, the holy place was always knocked down by the evil forces.

By Venerable Lama Padmashambawa, not only was the holy shrines built, but the demon was also convinced to become the guardian of that holy place.

That could happen because the devotion of the king of Tibet in the 8th century was amazing.  Even his consort (something most valuable in the eyes of the king), was presented to the Guru.

Actually Venerable Lama Padmashambawa was also born in this era, but could not save Tibet, because no Tibetans were as devoted as the king in the 8th century.

No matter how great a true Guru is, without devotion, the Guru will end up like the sun meeting a house with tightly closed doors and windows.

The Light did not succeed in illuminating the disciples inner darkness. Hopefully this teachings is kept in nature for a very long time.

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