Guruji’s Spiritual Journey to Heal Himself from The Corona Virus

At the end of July 2021, on July 24th, 2021 to be exact, Guruji suddenly exposed to the corona virus.  This is beyond the general public logic.  Especially since Guruji lives in the forest.  Around the Ashram there are only few houses, Guruji also diligent in doing social distancing, maintaining super careful health.  Both biologically, psychologically, and spiritually.  But in the end, he had to go to the hospital because he was infected with the corona virus.  In the midst of this sad state, Guruji’s spiritual eye reads a symbolic message like this in nature: “In the world of the Shamans (the oldest religion on earth), the Spirits of this world choose”.  Chosen for what, it implicitly hidden behind this beautiful writing.

  1. The greater spiritual battle begins.
    Friends who are engaged in deep spirituality will understand that the journey of deep spirituality is partly akin to war.  That is why Shri Ram fought against Ravana, Shri Krishna was in the middle of a great battle called Mahabharata.  The 9th avatar of Vishnu the Buddha, although his teachings were very gentle, far from violent, had also experienced a number of battles.  Moments before his enlightenment, he was severely attacked by the demon Mara, after being enlightened, he was attacked by a drunk and angry elephant, a large rock was rolled by people from the top of the ravine towards the Buddha who was meditating below, once he was visited by a pregnant woman who claimed that she was sleeping with him, as well as a number of other horrors.

Venerable Lama Padmasambhava was burned alive three times.  And on all three occasions the great smoldering fire turned into a calm and cool lotus pond.  And Venerable Lama Padmasambhava sat neatly and harmoniously on the lotus flower.  In the language of the famous psychologist Carl G. Jung, the journey to enlightenment is always marked by the presence of the dark nights of the soul.  The same has happened for years with Guruji.  The difference is, this time the spiritual battle is more intense and fierce than before.  In the first hour at the hospital, witnessed by the head of the Compassion spiritual family medical team, dr.  Eka Imbawan (internist at Surya Husada Hospital Nusadua Bali), a person died due to the corona virus.  His body was transported only a few meters from the bed where Guruji was being temporarily cared for.  A few minutes earlier, Ibu (Guruji’s wife) was approached by a hospital staff with a message like this: “If your husband dies, the body belongs to the government. He will directly taken to a secret place to be buried.  You and your family can’t come and will don’t know the place.”  A very personal and very close encounter with the king of all fears called death.

At such a time, a sacred voice came from within: “The darkness on the outside does not exist to give birth to the darkness within.  On the other hand, the darkness on the outside is here to give birth to a new Light that is much more beautiful inside.”  After that, one horror was followed by another horror.  But it is not good to talk unkindly about other people.  It is not good.  Guided by spiritual instincts, and assisted by the Compassion spiritual family, especially the Compassion family medical team led directly by dr.  Eka Imbawan (internist), on the teenth night Guruji was transferred by ambulance to a much more appropriate hospital in Denpasar.  The most important reason why Guruji survived at that time, the reason is completely depended on the holy teachings of Compassion.  On this path, one must not resist at all.  The practical steps are similar to Aikido martial arts.  Where one cannot attack others.  One can only dodge.  Even if the people who attacked fell, they fell because of their own strength.  When the situation is very urgent, a holy soul can even presented his/her body sincerely to the seductive power.  Either his flesh to be eaten, or his blood to drink.  In the history of the holy teaching of Compassion, usually these seductive powers shall bows to the holy souls who practice the teachings of Compassion.

The direct spiritual blessing of spiritual practice like this is the wider and deeper the space to suffer (a space inside that is intentionally created to be able to experience suffering sincerely).  If you often experience great spiritual battles like this, over time this space to suffer explodes into boundless capacity to suffer (the ability to suffer indefinitely).  As many holy souls experience, this ability to suffer indefinitely is the strongest foundation of service ever.  In our day, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and H.H. the Dalai Lama have clearly experienced this type of direct personal achievement.  Where their space to suffer (space to suffer inside) turns into boundless capacity to suffer (limitles ability to suffer).  At the same time, this is the active side of perfect enlightenment.  This is also what religions often refer to as “spiritual victory”.

In concise, straightforward but solid language, it turns out that the actual spiritual battle does not take place with outsiders.  The whole spiritual battle was going on inside.  Borrowing the enlightenment experience of Prince Siddharta, as soon as Prince Siddharta accepted the demon Mara as a holistic part (whole) of himself, that is when Prince Siddharta stopped being Prince Siddharta.  He transformed beautifully into a Buddha (One who is fully enlightened).  If you use the language of the Tantric people, darkness and light are not two enemies that beat each other.  But two friends who illuminate each other.  Without darkness, Light would not be beautiful.  Without pain (disease) as presented by the corona virus that is lived sincerely in the long term, any soul will not emit a beautiful Light.

  1. A mind that is full of poison, as well as a mind that contains a lot of medicine (mind medicine)
    As a spiritual provision for all close friends, in the process of getting there it is very important to learn to be the “master” (not a victim) of the mind.  As a practical material for the daily life, the mind is the result of a dynamic interaction between intelligence, memory, and interaction.  The presence of the corona virus and other diseases will disrupt, even kill, if a very negative inner thought energy conspires with a negative disease energy that comes from outside.  From a bright spiritual eyes, those who did not survive in the midst of this corona outbreak, generally were having thoughts that were far from positive.  The simple explanation is that the particular person is full of negative memories about illness, interacting in an environment that only sees the negative side of illness, and the intelligence structure in it is very negative (read: disease is a representative of Satan, a disease that is a sign of someone being punished by God).  This is exactly what is called a toxic mind.  This type of mind, not only when the body being touched by the corona virus, even just having a small problem can think about the possibility of suicide.  This happens because negative thoughts open the door for harmful interactions between bad energy inside and bad energy from outside like illness.

On the other hand, the mind will contain a lot of medicine (mind medicine) if the three constituent elements are positive-holistic.  Memory inside is more positive, interacting in a more positive environment, the most important thing is the structure of intelligence inside.  The mind will contain a lot of medicine (mind medicine), if the structure of intelligence inside is positive-holistic.  The practical explanation goes like this: “Just as nature can not throw away the night, just as the ocean can not throw away the waves, just as roses can not throw out thorns, neither can humans throw away the negative things inside of them.  Where there is birth, there is death.  Where there is health, there is disease.  Where there is joy, there is sadness.  That is the law from the beginning.”  In the West it is called God as a law.  He who violates this kind of law will often befriend with suffering.  He who is friends with this law will often find healing and peace in his/her life.

In practical terms, positive-holistic thinking opens the door for a radiant interaction between the friendly energy inside and the friendly energy outside.  Due to the presence of Light, darkness naturally drifts away.  As a result, dangerous diseases like the corona virus move away naturally.  More specifically because their vibrations below 100 are much different from the vibrations of Light which is close to 1,000.  Honestly, I have to tell my close friends, while lying in the hospital for almost 3 weeks, it was this medicine (mind medicine) that Guruji kept taking day and night.  For 24 hours non-stop.  Without the support of mind medicine, pharmaceutical drugs given by doctors, and other medical therapies, the healing power will be much smaller.  At the same time, the chances of his recovery will be much less.  In the language of energy researchers, most of the leakage of energy occurs through negative thoughts that are too critical.  Once the mind is guided to be positive-holistic, much of the energy leakage through the mind can be reduced.  As a result, the body has far more energy inside to heal itself.

The practical daily steps then.  When you can not sleep, just smile.  When you can sleep, also smile.  When life is not satisfying, just smile.  When life is satisfying, also smile.  The point is being the close friend with the present.  On the old way of meditation has long been passed down, stress and depression signal those are all  thoughts from the past.  Excessive fear are actually a natural signs that the mind is being too far in the future.  It is only when the mind is completely in the present that the body contains far more healing energy.  If you want a deeper message, take a look at the legacy of The Venerable Lama Padmasambhava: “Release samsara within itself, until there is no spiritual attainment to be attained.  As a result, samsara and nirvana are one”.  As a general translation, let go of samsara in its nature.  There is no need to be angry with the hot fire, because that is the nature of fire.  There is no need to be bothered by envious people, because once you grow higher in life, eventually there will be people who gets envy.  Whoever can understand this through attainment (not through debate), he/she will no longer needs spiritual attainment.  Especially since it has been clearly seen, it turns out that samsara and nirvana are one.  To be noted by close friends, this is the ultimate medicine.  It heals all aspects of the inner-self (body, mind, and spirit).

In order for close friends to enter there, the main vehicle is to be neatly connected with the gap between two breaths, the gap between two sounds, the gap between two memories.  As a spiritual provision for close friends, in times of crisis during these 3 weeks, Guruji often returns to his hiatus.  Thankfully, a lot of hot things can be turned in to calmness.  Many things that were in a mess, turn into healing.  In Buddhist Tantric meditation, the gap is the object of meditation that is often recommended.  For disciples on Shivaji’s path, the gap is one of Shivaji’s 112 commandments to his consort Mother Parvati.  It is neatly written in an old holy book entitled “Vigyam Bhairawa Tantra”.  In short, diseases like the coronavirus are close to darkness.  While the gap as the sacred message of the old holy book is the Light.  As we all know, every darkness will disappear naturally once the Light comes in.

  1. God as beauty
    People can tell another story about God.  But personally it should be shared with all close friends, after going through so many crises, there Guruji experienced personally, God exists and real.  Many years ago when passing through the long dark nights for the soul, God was present as a guarding force.  In plain language, in the sky there is a yellow light and a white light in the shape of a dragon.  When inside feels doubtful, afraid of being wrong in sharing the Light in the midst of the world, in the sky there is Light in the form of Tirtha (holy water) that splashes from the sky many times.  When asked why the borrowed face is holy water (Tirtha), because on the island of Bali, Tirtha is the most sacred symbol.  Formerly the religion of the Balinese was called the Religion of holywater.  While Guruji was experiencing long pain due to the corona virus, another face of God appeared again.  Namely God as beauty.  Moreover, in Bali, the face of God who has been most revered for thousands of years in Bali is God as beauty.  That is why almost everything in Bali – from arranging rice fields, dancing, carving, managing the environment – ​​is all done with a sense of beauty.  Bali has been called the most beautiful island in the world, again because of the beauty factor.

Since Guruji is getting old, it is no longer allowed to talk about God in plain language like before.  Guruji can only tell in poetic language.  In the midst of deep sadness because of being exposed to the corona virus, there is a sacred message from within who said like this: “Illness is not a sign that many things are wrong.  Sickness is a spiritual invitation to discover the layers of the self that are far more beautiful.”  A very touching message.  Resting in the hospital room alone, Guruji meditated for a long time.  Being friends with the long gap.  Guruji never been friends with this long gap before.  There the real secret is revealed about God as beauty.  The first face of God as beauty is contentment.  Learn to feel enough with the things that you already have.  Including the feeling enough in front of illness and pain.  The second face of God as beauty is a very deep gratitude.  The face of God as the third beauty is the most beautiful prayer in the form of thankfulness.  These three faces of God as beauty present many miracles within.  Not only the magic of medicine, but also made the body healthy in a faster way.

So that God’s face as beauty feels real inside, and heals, every day in his spare time Guruji writes on his cellphone about many things to be grateful for.  From having a biological family that he dearly miss, to having a spiritual family whose loyalty is amazing.  From having studied abroad because of the goodness of scholarships, to being a CEO (leader of a company with thousands of employees) at the age of 38.  From having flown everywhere including abroad using a first-class plane for teaching purposes, to being known as a prominent public speaker in Jakarta.  Although Guruji’s biological mother was illiterate (cannot read and write), Guruji’s biological father only graduated from 3rd grade elementary school in the Dutch kolonial era, Guruji was able to graduate from a university in England.  Attended a top management course for 2 weeks at INSEAD Fontainebleau France.  All because of the kindness of the scholarship.  And there are many other long lists of gratitude.  If it is extended later it will be considered as an act of arrogance. It is clear is that when writing a long list of gratitude, it is felt very much that the energy of God as beauty are present inside.  In essence, the corona virus and other diseases vibrate below 100. At the same time, as soon as God’s energy is present as the beauty of the vibrations inside, it is far above 100. That is what makes the healing power of pharmaceutical drugs, the healing power of other medical logic becomes much higher.

To help close friends stay healthy and safe, here are practical tips to meet God as beauty.  Be politely away from the environment that can steal the gratitude inside.  Read, watch, talk about only those things that strengthen the seeds of gratitude within.  Since the inside conversation is the most important and the longest conversation in human life, have an inner conversation about only the things that sow the seeds of gratitude within.  Whatever happens, see from the sides that are worthy of being grateful.  There is always something to be grateful for, even in the worst time of life.  Guide yourself like this every day: “Happy people are not necessarily grateful, but grateful people are always happy”.  Because happiness is the most needed medicine in this day and age (note, even the United Nations ranks happy countries), train yourself to be “dare” to be happy in front of all circumstances.  Remember beautiful souls, happiness is not the fruit of events, but the fruit of your own courage.

  1. Practical advice for close friends
    After learning directly from the inside about what and who the corona virus is, instead of reading on the news, friends are advised not to carelessly take care of their health.  At least maintain your own immunity.  The government’s recommendations in the form of wearing masks, washing hands frequently, social distancing, etc. are very appropriate to be followed.  To be understood together, all aspects of life and science have been completely changed by the corona virus.  From the way children learn in school, to how entrepreneurs must manage their business.  All aspects of life have changed completely because of the corona virus.  Likewise with how to take care of the health of the body.  As a closing message, the government cannot treat all citizens patiently one by one.  But friends can take care of themselves patiently and neatly.  Please remember the previous story about the healing kingdom inside: “The king is called nutrition that comes straight from nature (read: a variety of vegetables and fruits).  The queen is called regular exercise.  The crown prince is a beautiful sleep.  Remember beautiful souls, health is not everything.  But without health everything is nothing.  I hope you are healthy and safe with your family at home.  May all beings be happy.

Photo caption: Guruji at the Avalokiteshvara Ashram in the hills in North Bali.  Photo taken by Guruji’s youngest son Ram (Ram Publication)

About the author

H.H. Guruji Gede Prama

Gede Prama started his spiritual journey through a dialogue with his symbolic Guru in a village at the north of Bali. The journey is then being enriched with his experiences of studying abroad, his meetings with the world greatest spiritual Gurus: His Holiness Dalai Lama, The Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, as well as Professor Karen Armstrong; and also being deepened by his intense meditation practices.

Despite the fact that he was once a CEO of a large corporation with thousand of employees, and was traveling abroad frequently for the purpose of teaching, yet, being deeply moved by the Bali bombing incident in 2002, he then decided to leave everything and went back to his home island.
He has never leave Bali for the past few years. In fact, he rarely leaves the silence of the forest where he lives, except for the purpose of teaching at the sacred sites within Bali.

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