Summary of LIVE meditation guidance this morning

Unlike the Western way of healing in general, which is too powerful to get rid of darkness, meditation does not heal by removing the darkness within.

But by smiling at the darkness within. Mainly because dark and light cannot be separated. Like water can not be separated from wet.

The practical steps for meditation, smile at every moment, whatever is happening in the moment is enough to witness, and remember to always return to the breath as an anchor to be neatly connected to the present.

Use every external event and inner sensation as a reminder to smile, to look, to connect with the present through the breath.

If you practice it for a long time, and if you are blessed, you will have a third eye. In meditation, the third eye is called the witness eye.

It is not impossible, from the eyes that witnessed the birth of the second third eye named gratitude. It makes you find happiness behind what already exists.

Not suffering from chasing after something that doesn’t exist. The greatest blessing will come from finding the wisdom eye. Sometimes it is called emptiness (see photo caption below). Also known as ​​Mandala.

That is, in nature everything rotates one after another. Day-night. dirty-holy, dark and light everything rotates. Some call it God as a law.

He who is neatly united with the wisdom eye, opens the door of perfection through attainment. Perfection is not the enemy of imperfection.

But perfection that can smile at all imperfections. This is the Mother of all love. This is also The ultimate healing (highest healing). Balinese elders call it Parama Shanti, Embang. Celebrate it with Nyepi.

When all things appear to represent the same dance of perfection, there is nothing left to argue about. All that’s left is a smile embracing with perfection.

May all beings be happy, may good and peaceful thoughts come from all around. Peace, peace, peace.

Video courtesy: Twitter
Video caption: This morning, the close family of Compassion Ngurah Busana and Sri Edy after meditating at the Ashram saw a love-shaped cloud over Guruji’s room at the Ashram. In the center of the cloud is a perfect circular mandala. The two of them were so impressed that they forgot to take a photo

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