The Inner River

As it is often disclosed in the meditation sessions, every time encountering restless souls, there is always the presence of souls who never get connected for long long time. They do not only not connected physically, they also do not get connected mentally and spiritually.

Look at the life of people in the city in particular, they use air conditioning at home, in the car, in the office as well. In the same way, almost all of the houses in the city have high walls. Look deeper into the way of society interact in daily life, here and there there are also walls like we-they, mine-their.

As a result, there are many souls who are alienated and feel deeply lonely in their own bodies. That’s why in the West there is writer who wrote a message like this: “The global problem is the problem of disembodiment”. Most global issues are deeply connected to the problem of human failure to be well-connected. The world health organization even predicted, by the year of 2020 mental illness will be much more frightening than the physical pain.

Under this light of understanding, it is worthy to contemplate again and again the importance of connectedness in everyday life. In deep spiritual world in particular, it is often heard a message like this: “While cleverness like to build walls that separate, kindness love to build bridges that connecting”.

In other words, no matter how busy your daily life is, no matter how challenging your life is, learn to always build the bridges that connecting through kind deeds. No need to do great things, as it is done by the great people. The most important thing is to do everything with great love.

To put it simply, do everything with the spirit of kindness. As a simple but deep guidelines, the best choice is to help as much as possible. If you can not help, at least do not harm. At the office, on the road, at home, anywhere always use this basic principle as a bridge to be well-connected.

If you want to go deep, spend more time in open natures like parks, beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers. Remove all forms of footwear, then walk more slowly than usual, learn to be well-connected to mother earth, air and the environment. The most connecting bridge in this case is profound gratitude.

Whatever the blessing of this moment, learn to see it from the beautiful sides. No matter how difficult the challenges of work place, focus on the lessons not the punishments. Any friends who like to sing, simply sing. Seekers who likes to write poetry, just write beautiful poetry. Spiritual travelers who like to paint, try to paint as beautiful as possible.

The message behind this is simple, doing anything that make soul happy also a kind of spiritual connection. Look deeper into the children who play, they forget everything because they are well-connected. Observe the painters and the sculptors who enjoy their life calling, similar to the playing children, they also very well-connected.

Any spiritual friends who diligently and sincerely practice to be well-connected like this, as a matter of time they will have direct experience, everything simply flow according to their natural law. It is as simple as water that flow in the river. The sun transforms seawater into the clouds. The clouds fall into the rain. Rainwater flows back into the sea. The same thing happen to the flow of life. In this stage of attainment, spiritual seekers will hear a spiritual message like this: “no need to be in a hurry, all rivers flow to the same ocean”.

Author: Gede Prama.
Photo Courtesy: Twitter @GajHaj.

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About the author

H.H. Guruji Gede Prama

Gede Prama started his spiritual journey through a dialogue with his symbolic Guru in a village at the north of Bali. The journey is then being enriched with his experiences of studying abroad, his meetings with the world greatest spiritual Gurus: His Holiness Dalai Lama, The Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, as well as Professor Karen Armstrong; and also being deepened by his intense meditation practices.

Despite the fact that he was once a CEO of a large corporation with thousand of employees, and was traveling abroad frequently for the purpose of teaching, yet, being deeply moved by the Bali bombing incident in 2002, he then decided to leave everything and went back to his home island.
He has never leave Bali for the past few years. In fact, he rarely leaves the silence of the forest where he lives, except for the purpose of teaching at the sacred sites within Bali.

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