The power of simplicity…

As people grow older, they will understand through direct experience, people suffer mostly in the mind, not in the reality. Phlosopher Mark Twain even acknowledged in his old age: “I have experienced many problems in life, but most of that problems only happen in the mind”. It’s an honest conclusion.

The spiritual invitation then, let’s learn to simplify the mind. As soon as mind is simple, life is also simple. To be frank, to simplify is not simple. It needs courage. In some part parts even heroic steps to save your life. And without the heroic steps to simplify, old age can be cloudful. For that reason, let’s contemplate together the power of simplicity.

Simplicity hold remarkable power…

Simplicity holds remarkable power, shaping both everyday life and broader systems in profound ways. At its core, simplicity fosters clarity and efficiency, stripping away the superfluous to reveal what is essential. This concept is evident across various domains, from design and communication to technology and personal productivity.

Let’s take the courage to be balance as an example. The balance between earn well and live well give huge amount power. It does not only open the gate of healing, but also the gate of happiness and peace. Listening to the heart is another example. As soon as you say “Yes” to the heart, everything become simple and possible. Simplicity in thinking is another material of contemplation. It is the good friend of clarity and beauty.

Simplicity in design, communication, technology…

In design, simplicity enhances usability and aesthetics. A well-designed object or interface that is simple yet functional tends to be more intuitive and user-friendly. Apple’s minimalist product designs, for instance, have set industry standards by combining sleek aesthetics with straightforward functionality, making complex technology accessible to a wide audience.

Communication benefits equally from simplicity. Clear, concise messages are more easily understood and remembered than convoluted or jargon-laden discourse. This is especially crucial in fields such as advertising, education, and leadership, where the ability to convey ideas effectively can determine success or failure. A succinct, well-articulated message can resonate more powerfully than an elaborate explanation, cutting through noise and leaving a lasting impact.

In technology, simplicity translates into robust and reliable systems. Overly complex software or systems are prone to bugs and failures. Embracing simplicity in coding and system architecture can lead to more maintainable and scalable solutions. This is encapsulated in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid), which advocates for simplicity to avoid unnecessary complexity and potential errors.

Simplicity in personal life…

On a personal level, simplicity can enhance productivity and well-being. Simplifying one’s environment, routines, and goals can reduce stress and increase focus. This approach aligns with minimalist philosophies that prioritize intentional living, suggesting that less is often more.

It is widely known in golf sport, how people can gain more distance by using less power. The same thing happen in personal life. As you simplify your life, you will gain many things more. From health, better relationship, until serene and fulfilling old age.

Simplicity in spiritual life…

In spiritual life, people of Zen admire simplicity. There are many light seekers in this field who attained enlightenment because of simplicity. After spending long time meditating in the forest, a Zen master returned back to the temple and serve simplicity. One day he bought rice in the shop. And he asked for the best rice. Suddenly, the shop owner responded honestly: “Eveything is the best”. After listening to the last message, this Zen master attained enlightenmen. In other occassion, another Zen master attained enlightenment in the garden. Suddenly after watching a frog jumped into the pond. it’s the story of unity between small self and great self.

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Despite the fact that he was once a CEO of a large corporation with thousand of employees, and was traveling abroad frequently for the purpose of teaching, yet, being deeply moved by the Bali bombing incident in 2002, he then decided to leave everything and went back to his home island.
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