Guided Meditation

“On the event of birthday, most people ask how old are you now?, few are asking how luminous the soul right now?. Here is special birthday greetings for Guruji from Spiritual Compassion Family, as well as from some of the students of meditation. Hopefully this give inspiration to many luminous souls. “ With deep compassion, admin

“Ultimately, you are your own greatest healer. While medical doctor and psychologist spent only limited time with you, you spent tens of years with yourself. Here’s Guruji’s short video “peace messages from the island of love Bali” part 23. The title of this video is “to be your own healer”. Hopefully it will help countless seekers to be their own healer.”

“To all spiritual friends who need guided meditation, here’s the short video of Guruji. Hopefully it will help the spiritual journey of countless beings.”

Here’s a short video of Guruji on meditation. Hopefully it will help spiritual seekers to grow deeper and deeper. To find the king of knowledge which is the knowledge of who you are.