Meditation Schedule

For every beautiful soul, service is the most peaceful nutrition for the soul. Learning from here, Guru Gede Prama who have served many people over the years in the path of peace. Starting from year 2017, he is no longer bound to one place of meditation. But will be moving from one place to another in Bali to share more light of peace. Below is the schedule to share a light to all beautiful souls on 2019.

Any enquiries in English is suggested to contact: uchasatchi[at]

Here are meditation students who dedicate themselves to serve:


  1. Nyoman Sudiarta/Koming
    Contact: +6281338774436
    Email: auraorganic[at]
  2. Putu Yogi
    Contact: +6281805578335
    Email: p.budiantara[at]
  3. Ni Kadek Suwandewi
    Contact: +6285739388911
    Email: suwandewi_kadek[at]
  4. Jro Mangku Putra Weda
    Contact: +6282145927472
    Email: jeromangkubesakih[at]
  5. Nyoman Ariana
    Contact: +6281239467173
    Email: ramabharga[at]

Outside Bali:

    1. Sudarmin
      Contact: +6281218825560
      Email: sudarmin_sun[at]
    2. Sutedja Kusumawidjaja
      Contact: +6287777790778, +6282113000789
      Email: tedja57[at]
    3. Meri Ke
      Contact: +62816993938
      Email: merike.compassion[at]
    4. Christian Andhika
      Contact: +62811948526
      Email: lengtian65[at]
    5. Anton Ng
      Contact: +6281297981700
      Email: antondw[at]

Gede Prama’s 2020 Meditation Class in BALI

1. Dharma talks for public:

Monday, 13th January 2020:
Dhamma Talk at Karangasem Bali

Monday – Wednesday, 2nd – 4th March 2020
Dhamma Talk at Klungkung Bali

Tuesday – Wednesday, 5th – 6th May 2020
Dhamma Talk at Denpasar Bali

Everyone is welcome, no need to register.
Kindly wear a polite Balinese traditional clothing.

Smile is an indicator that someone is no longer a victim in life, but a master of life.
Guruji Gede Prama

2. Schedule of a Smileful Meditation, need to register:

July 2020 : Friday 17th – Sunday 19th Juli 2020. Location: Lovina – Bali.

September 2020: Friday 11th – Sunday 13th September 2020. Location: Lovina – Bali.

December 2020: Friday 11th– Sunday 13th December 2020. Location: Lovina – Bali.

Registration Information

Important Notes:
Any Future Applicant that interested in registering for Smileful Meditation Class Please kindly read The Etiquette of Meeting a Guru by Clicking on the following Link.

Please click the SIGN UP FOR MEDITATION button below to register.

Jika Anda berasal dari Indonesia silahkan klik yg berikut “DAFTAR MEDITASI” dibawah ini

Peace is not a destination at the end of the journey, but a beautiful smile along the journey.
Guruji Gede Prama

All participants are required to register. All participants are highly selected by the committee. There are a number of disciplinary rules that must be followed.

3. Special Event:
(Will be updated soon)

Compassion Days are the days used to celebrate the birthday of Guruji.
It is a social responsibility event where the Spiritual Family of Compassion practice their compassion in action, by serving thousands of local community members in North Bali, from kindergarten to high school students, and even the seniors (elderly), through various forms of service, starting from Dharma services, health screenings, until prayers.
During these five-day sessions, only the Spiritual Family of Compassion and their close family are allowed to stay, as to serve.
The committee, unfortunately, could not accept other volunteers outside the Spiritual Family of Compassion.
Members of Spiritual Family of Compassion whom are interested to participate in this social event, may contact Mr. Sudarmin to sign up.
Any members of Spiritual Family of Compassion who would like to bring their closest family to stay during these five days event, must register their names prior the event and must obtain permission from the local coordinator.
In the case of non-registration, the local coordinator may ask them to leave the event.

“Peace is step, step is peace” ― Guru Gede Prama

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