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Nature shares a very beautiful story this morning at the Ashram.  After Live meditation guidance at the Ashram.  First of all, there is a large cloud in the shape of Love.  When you wait above the clouds of Love, something beautiful appears.

Like a god figure with anjali (raised hands pressed together) as a sign of respect.  Over time, the god’s head changed to Love.

Everything is recorded through below attached photos.  What a series of blessings worth being grateful for. Early in the morning, there was the sound of partridges singing.

It is as if nature is full of joy with the message of light that Guruji shared this morning.  As a humble service to all friends, here is a summary of this morning’s LIVE message.

It is difficult to open the door to a peaceful life if someone only relies on IQ alone.  Professor Howard Gardner has done research on this for a long time.

Human intelligence is not just IQ. There is another intelligence. From music, linguistics, etc. Good news from Bali, in Bali there is the highest intelligence.

Which can help humanity to open the door to a peaceful life. It is the intelligence of silence.  Remember, only in Bali, we celebrate our New Year with Nyepi (silence day).

Balinese elders even call God Hyang Embang (most perfect silence).  And this is confirmed by various parties in other parts of the world.

The great musician Mozart said that the most beautiful music is the silence between two sounds. In the Zen world this message was shared: “Go to the garden, listen to the silence between two sounds.”

The great poet Jalalludin Rumi was even more explicit: “Silence is the only language of God. Everything else is only poor translation.”

If you like the language of science, today’s brilliant physicist Dr. Nassim Haramein delivered a very stunning message at the UN.

War, conflict, and violence occur because humans think that everything in nature is rare (scarcity). He corrected that statement by saying the truth is, that nature is filled with abundance.

To be able to access the energy of abundance, according to Nassim, humanity needs to understand the quantum vacuum. An emptiness that is full of possibilities.

In other words, quantum physics also confirms that silence is not only the highest intelligence but also helps humans find an abundant life.

To get there, practice these tips:

1. Practice the awareness of the pausing between 2 breaths, 2 memories, 2 thoughts, 2 feelings, etc
2. If you need a mantra, this is it: “Accept, flow, smile”
3. Grow from rock logic to water logic
4. Whatever happens, smile.  A smile is the most reassuring switch of light inside.

Hopefully this teaching useful for all my friends.  May these teachings remain long-lasting here on earth.

Photo: Evolution of morning clouds at the Ashram after Guruji shared the Light.  The cloud of Love turns into a God figure, the God’s head becomes Love again
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