Do not fear danger, Let us learn to find the Light…

When I heard teenagers venting in previous youth meditation sessions, in my heart there was a doubtful conclusion: “Many of the new generations are fragile.”

After hearing University of Houston research professor Brene Brown’s TED presentation, the conclusion was clear: “We live in a vulnerable world.”

We live in a very fragile world.  This conclusion is supported by a very deep database and research.  In recent days the site has shared touching news.

The title alone is touching: “Indonesia is in danger of mental illness”.  It talked about the increasing numbers of suicide rate.  Even in teenagers.

The invitation then, try not to regret the coming danger, let us learn to find the Light.  At least learn to seek the inner light. Even better if you find it in the family.

Here are some suggestions for all friends.  First, for our teenagers.  Be careful with your mobile phone.  As soon as you feel uncomfortable, stay away from your mobile phone.

Long ago the journal Psychology Today concluded: “Social media is the highway to mental illness.”  Mainly because people feel less happier after interacting for many hours on social media.

Especially looking at the status (photos) of other people who you think are always happier.  Second, for the couples who are ready to get married. Kindly understand that weddings don’t just contain romantic things.

If you imagine that your wedding only contains romantic things, you will definitely be disappointed.  Marriage is an encounter of many complexities.

Marriage can save our soul journey if accompanied by a strong intention to give in to each other in turn.  If no one gives in, the marriage is bound to burn on fire

Third, for early parents whose children are still toddlers.  Because what toddlers see repeatedly will enter the subconscious mind.

And the subconscious mind will be carried into old age, and is difficult to change. Be careful about showing off negative things such as anger in front of toddlers.

It is good if toddlers are asked to repeat beautiful words like: “I’m a good boy, I’m happy, I’m loved by mommy and daddy.”

Words that are repeated by toddlers will enter the subconscious.  And the subconscious will determine 95% of his/her behavior later on in life.

Fourth, for family lovers.  The most luxurious and truly family-saving energy in this era is the energy of “acceptance”.

Again, it’s the most luxurious energy.  Especially because outside there is a huge energy of rejection.  So that the energy of acceptance in the family can become a very saving oasis.

Especially for children.  Fifth, for friends who are starting to have grandchildren.  We all have karmic debts, especially to our parents.

Old age will be a saving step for both yourself and your family, if you learn to sincerely pay your karmic debts.

Once again sincere!  Live every bad karma like someone paying a mortgage. Take care of the grandchildren who were born as ancestors who were reborn.

While always remembering, what is transferred from one body to another at death is habitual energy.  If you are full of love in old age.

It is impossible to be born in the lower realms such as animals.  At least friends will be born into the human world with a much better quality of life.

In other words, let us save our own soul’s journey and our family with this beautiful medicine: “Whatever the pain, love is the medicine. Whatever the question, love is the answer.”

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