Father sky pay respect, Mother earth cried..

This morning when Guruji shared the Light LIVE from the Ashram, a number of close families of Compassion photographed clouds in the shape of LOVE both in Bali and Jakarta.

In Bali, the photo was taken by Sri Edy, Suryaning Putu and Ni Made Sukerni, in Jakarta the photo was taken by Guruji’s only daughter Satwika.

Not only did the sky salute, the earth also bowed in tears. As in the attached photo, there is melted soap forming LOVE in North Bali.

What a beautiful blessing that deserves to be appreciated. To guide all friends in seeking Light, here is a summary of Guruji’s LIVE presentation this morning at the Ashram.

The magnet of peace in the island of Bali…

If you look closely at the globe, behind the island of Bali is Peru in South America. In Peru there is an old holy book that says: “There are no coincidences, only guidance”.

In the past year, the leaders of the earth have met twice in Bali. This is not a coincidence. But a message of guidance: “There is a magnet of peace in Bali that makes the leaders of the earth meet twice in this short period of time in Bali”.

The last summit even discussed about water. This fits perfectly with the core of the local genius in the island of Bali, namely Tirtha (holy water). Again, this is not a coincidence. But a pure guidance.

Responding to the appearance of Light…

In ancient times, when elders saw Light, they usually responded with rituals (ceremonies). Understandably, that was in ancient times. In this era, we need a different approach.

The face of Light from the sky that most often comes to Guruji in Bali is Light that sprinkles in the form of Tirtha (holy water). In the Ashram it appears more than once, in the Brahma Vihara it appears many times.

When asked to the secret Guru, Guruji was asked to “interpret” the appearance of Light. That’s why this morning 3 topics were shared: “Water logic, flowing psychology, flowing intelligence”.

Water logic…

Whatever their education & religion, humans will become “agents of violence” if they use stone logic (read: smart people meet smart people collide like stones).

If blessed by the nature of Bali, the doors of world leaders will be knocked on, to reorganize the education system. No longer focus on stone logic.

But focus on water logic (read: wise people when they meet unite. Look for similar things between us). Religion, language, tradition may be different, but we are the same in one thing: “We both want to be happy”.

That is exactly what is meant by water logic. So that the new generation is not formed into “agents of violence”, but into “agents of peace”.

Flow psychology…

Flow psychology introduced by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in the 1970s tells a very clear story. If the task is higher than the ability, dangers such as stress, depression and suicide await.

If the task is lower than the ability, another danger awaits, because life becomes flat, bland and boring. A flowing state of mind occurs, if you learn to balance between tasks and abilities.

As a result, life is not only far from stress, but also closer to success. Deeper still, because emotions are energy that continues to flow, perseverance to flow helps open the door to healing, happiness & peace.

Flowing intelligence…

When deciding, our bestfriend is called thinking.  The form can collect data, analyze, helicopter view, or ask AI (artificial intelligence).

But there is no guarantee, intelligent thinking produces intelligent results. There is no guarantee! Thus, when it comes to results, our best friend is called flowing.

The combination of both (thinking and flowing), that is what is meant by flowing intelligence. A kind of intelligence that is most needed in this era.

The harmonious light of Bali for the earth…

Considering the earth that is now hot from war and violances, the appearance of the Light of Bali in the form of Tirtha (holy water), if blessed will be brought to the surface of the earth.

Of course, thanks to the service of Compassion’s close friends, the prayers of friends and relatives, and the beautiful blessings of the island of Bali. If you look at the response of the sky and earth this morning (as in the attached photos), it is not impossible that this ideal will come true.

May all beings be happy. Loka samasta sukino bhavantu. Sabbe satta bhavantu sukitatta.

Photos sent by Sri Edy, Suryaning Putu, Luh Satwika Putri Lestari
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