Guruji’s Wife celebrates her 61st birthday today 28/8 2023

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give your gift”, Pablo Picasso

Today Guruji’s wife (Ibu Suci) is celebrating her 61st birthday. She spent 45 years of her life accompanying Guruji (5 years dating, 40 years married).

An achievement that is worth celebrating.  For that reason, a deep thank you to my family and all close friends.  Especially the Puri Sukasada Buleleng family where Ibu was born.

The Tajun family where Guruji grew up.  As well as the Compassion spiritual family.  Everything plays a big role in making Ibu healthy and happy at a no longer young age.

Even though Ibu only graduated from high school, it was clear that she had found “the unique gift” in her life.  And being one with this unique blessing.

Ibu unique blessing is simple, everyday is always happy.  It’s like understanding what the Upanishads wrote: “At the beginning, it was joy. In the end, it will be joy. In the middle, nothing else except joy.”

Life as a song of joy is not only integrated into Ibu’s life, but also shared with close people.  Especially her children and grandchildren.

When Wika and Adi (first daughter, second son) were still very young, in the family there were often comments like this: “Your children have a very different light.”

It all happened because Ibu never told her children about difficulties. Despite moving from one rented house to another rented house.

From one city to another.  Even once being so poor in the foreign land.  While in England, many wives of Indonesian and Malaysian students complained that they did not feel at home.

But Ibu goes out every day to enjoy life.  After her husband left for college, the two children went to school. Ibu really enjoyed life in England.

Often enter luxury boutique stores, just to try on beautiful clothes that are expensive.  Only trying of course, because can, because she has no money.

To please herself, Ibu buys second hand clothes that cost between 1 and 2 pounds. Arriving at home, proudly showing off her new clothes.

What’s more, after living in Jakarta, Ibu is again filling her daily life with joy.  Now in old age, again that joy cannot be stolen by old age.

As justifying Picasso’s legacy at the start: “The meaning of life is in discovering your unique gift. The purpose of life is in sharing it with others.”

This morning, while sunbathing, Ibu advised: “The older you are, the less you should use your brain. The more you use your heart.”

As you understand, one of the beautiful spaces in the heart (note: Mother’s full name is IGA Suciati) is called a joyful heart.  A heart full of joy.  The prayer is only thank you, the wealth is only gratitude.

Photo: Mother with Guruji at several holiday spots in Bali
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