Happy father’s day…

Today is the international Father’s day. It’s worthy to contemplate the deeper meaning of father. As I keep sharing from time to time, children will only know the depth of parent’s love when they themselves become parents. After having three children and five grandson, I often smile whenever I remember the last message. How true this wisdom is. The spiritual message, no need to be old first then understand this message, learn to love & respect parent as early as possible. The earlier the better.

In the community of wisdom lovers, it’s often heard the following father’s message: “If you seek experience, you’ll become your body. If you seek knowledge, you’ll identify yourself with mind. If you seek God, you’ll meet your heart. But if you seek “truth”, you’ll have the most beautiful smile”. Not the ordinary beautiful smile, but the smile which is deeply rooted in the depth of understanding, everything flow. As mud flow into lotus, those bad things flow into beautiful things. As soon as you’re one with the flow, you need no home. You’re at home already.

At home, you’ll understand through direct experience. When you’re rejected for the good, don’t forget you’re ridected to the better. Since you can’t controle everything and everyone, learn to controle your respond. Its your respond which create sadness or happiness. And the last but not least, when you write your life story, don’t le the others hold your pen. To help fellow light seekers meet the deeper meaning of father, let’s contemplate together, what the best father can give to the children.

Father best gift to the children…

The best gift a father can give to his children is not something that can be bought or wrapped; it is the invaluable combination of love, time, guidance, and support. These elements form the foundation of a nurturing and enriching relationship that profoundly impacts a child’s development and future.

First and foremost, love is the cornerstone. Unconditional love from a father provides children with a sense of security and self-worth. This love fosters a nurturing environment where children feel valued and understood, enabling them to thrive emotionally and psychologically.

The valuable gift of time…

Time is another precious gift. In our fast-paced world, dedicating quality time to children is essential. Engaging in activities, sharing interests, and simply being present during important moments create lasting memories and strong emotional bonds. These interactions are crucial for building trust and a deep sense of connection.

To see children as children, not to expect them to be as mature as old people, is crucial in this case. At the same time always remember, parents have ever become children, but children never become a parent. If you deeply practice the last message, your presence in the life of chidren will be very precious.

The gift of guidance & support…

Guidance is equally vital. Fathers play a pivotal role in teaching their children important life skills and values. Through their actions and words, fathers impart lessons about integrity, responsibility, empathy, and resilience. This guidance helps children navigate challenges, make sound decisions, and develop a moral compass that guides them throughout life.

Support, both emotional and practical, is indispensable. A father’s encouragement can boost a child’s confidence and inspire them to pursue their dreams. Whether it’s attending a school event, offering advice, or simply being a comforting presence, a father’s support reassures children that they are not alone in their journey.

Moreover, a father’s example in showing respect, kindness, and hard work serves as a powerful model for children. Observing these behaviors helps children understand the importance of these values and strive to embody them in their own lives.

The gift will return back to the parent…

In short, the best father gives his children a blend of love, time, guidance, and support. These gifts foster a strong, healthy relationship that empowers children to grow into confident, capable, and compassionate individuals. At the end, these gifts will return back to the parents. Especially because, in this age the best shelter in old age is loving children.

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