The brain that beautify the soul

In Wall Street Journal a neuro-scientist wrote, many young people begin to be easily forget many important things. Even for small matters.

After deeply researched, the conclusion is very touching, the brain of modern people is occupied by too many memories.

Especially because of the direct impacts of technology. As written in many medical journals, the problems in the brain does not only create problems to body, but also to mind and spirit.

For that reason, now let’s contemplate the brain that beautify the soul. First of all, no need to know everything. It only complicates brain and life as well.

It’s more recommended to know only the important and the relevant only. Secondly, develop a healthier relationship with technology.

Journal Psychology Today has long concluded that social media is a toll road to mental illness. Especially because the brain is very busy everyday.

And people keep concluding that the other’s happiness is better than themselves. Limiting your time with technology is a wise choice in this case.

Thirdly, return the mind back to the original place as servant, not master. Meaning not all movements of mind should be translated into words and actions.

Quoting from one of the old proverb: “Speech is silver, silent is golden. But to know when to speak and when to be silent, that’s diamond”.

Fourthly, learn to grow from head to heart. Balance cleverness with kindness, balance speech with silence, balance complain with smile.

Above all, beautify your daily life with loving deeds. It’s the best nutrition of the soul, it’s the most beautiful flower that bloom in soul garden.

To make the others happy is the best choice, listening sincerely is another choice, no violonce also a wise choice, at least free the mind from any judgement.

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