The bravest warriors

In the ancient past, one considered to be brave because of having a courage to fight. In out time, you’re considered to be brave because of having a courage to forgive.

Especially because forgiving does not olny save the world, it’s first of all save your life. Quoting from Nelson Mandela, without forgiving you’ll bring a portable prison wherever you go.

I see it with my spiritual eyes, without forgiving one will grow from darkness to darkness. One can easily reborn in the suffering realms like animal.

For that reason, let’s contemplate the steps of forgiving. When you forgive, it does not mean that the others are right, but you have the right to live in peace.

The most crucial step in forgiving is the deep understanding that the person who make you suffer also suffer, even worse. You’ll open the gate of forgiving when deeply understand their network of suffering.

It can be wounded childhood, broken family or finacial disasters. Sadly, they try to heal themselves by harming the others. Consequently, they don’t get medicine. The even drink another poison such as anger.

If you deeply contemplate like this, the door of forgiving will naturally opened. And the one who firstly healed is you. The one who have better sleep is you.

It has been widely researched by well-known world wide universities that forgiving truely heal. It releases brain from many poisons, it makes you grow from head to heart.

Since the vibration of heart is thousand times higher that head, the probability of healing, happiness and peace will be higher.

As further material of contemplation, forgiving is deep enough when you’re able to say thankyou. Particularly because the pain makes you more mature and wiser.

Deeper than saying thank you deep in the heart, the pain also open the gate of compassion: “With the such unpositive energy such as hatred and anger, where those person will reincarnate later after death”.

The deepest level of forgiving happen when you can forgive the others in the dream. Suppose you dream of someone who hurted you in the past.

And in the dream you sincerely forgive them. For your information, dream is the mirror of two things: “your quality in this life, your quality in the moment of death”.

If you are pure in the dream, there’s probability that you’ll reincarnate in the pure realm after death. Don’t forget, the one which open this beautiful quality is your sincerity to forgive.

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