The Meaningful Trails (24)

Written by Gede Prama

There used to be a story in Zen, telling about a blind man whom one day took a night journey. To prevent him from some sorts of accidents that might happened along the way, he was supplied with a lantern. Apparently, his lantern goes off in the middle of the journey. When this blind man was being bumped by a person somewhere after, he rudely shouted at him: “Are you blind or what? I have brought a lantern yet you still bumped into me”. This is the story of many people. The lantern of the soul has been off, yet still having the nerve to judge others convincingly. And even attacking others sometimes.

The book “Handbook For The Soul” edited by Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield tells in a very honest way on how little the knowledge of the human soul that we have. Though both editors are a PhD in psychotherapy, yet they frankly stated: “We approach this subject as students, not as experts”. In short, the human soul is indeed not that simple. Despite its complexity, there should be someone whom dare to enter this specific area, particularly to share Light.

Whilst math is rich of logic, the soul is very rich of taste. Therefore Jacob Needleman, Ph.D wrote this statement in the book: “Understanding and love go together”. It is nearly impossible to imagine someone without compassion could have a good understanding of the soul. It is as hard as trying to capture the colorful rainbow with a black-and-white camera.

Thus, to any friend whom interested to understand the soul, moreover those who has a vocation to share Light, please do train yourself to nourish the soul. Most importantly by deeply practicing compassion in everyday life. Once it is deeply practiced, the level of understanding of the soul would also become more profound.

Therefore, all the luminous souls in our era grow in the midst suffering that awakening compassion. Nelson Mandela was suffering in the South African prison for 27 years, Mother Teresa grew up in the middle of the shabby city of Calcutta. HH Dalai Lama lost his country at the age of 15. Mahatma Gandhi was even being shot to death by someone. In another way of saying, the journey in understanding the soul is indeed a very dangerous journey. Stephen Levine even explicitly wrote in this book: “Safety is the most unsafe spiritual path”. The journey in understanding a soul that is completely safe and comfortable is never exist. In times when everything seems to be perfectly safe, it could be a sign that the journey of the soul is in great danger.

Despite all that dangerous risks, there should be someone whom dare to enter the territories of the soul, to then share Light. Any friends with a deep soul journey understand that the deeper a person understands the soul, the more powerful the disturbances become. It even comes from close people. From the most beloved ones. It is a very painful journey for an average person. It could even leads one to an abyss. Yet, to the brave – which called as Mahasiddha in Tantra – this kind of pain is the incredible areas of purification and consummation of the soul.

Sincerity and integrity are close friends. Smile is the saviour angel. Compassion is the lantern along the way. Very few brave souls can pass this kind of soul tunnel. Anyone who can pass through this frightening tunnel, would then encounter the world as written by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD in this book: “Everything, even tragedy is a gift in disguise”. No disaster, even tragedy is a blessing in disguise.

In conclusion, whilst a man with a dead soul lantern grows in the midst of violence, the one with a brightly shining soul lantern is growing in the midst of peace. Not just any random kind of peace, but the kind of peace that will become the womb for the birth of a beautiful baby of compassion.

About the author

Gede Prama

Gede Prama is a long student on peace. He began his childhood by communing with symbolical Guru in one of old village in north Bali. Later on when he learned from the life stories of many maha siddha (the enlightened), he began to understand his spiritual experience in childhood. This last experience then enriched by meditating, reading, researching and personal meeting with some of world wide spiritual Gurus like HH Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh and Karen Armstrong.

Scholarship enables Gede Prama to continue his post graduate study to England and France. Hard work makes Gede Prama was appointed as CEO (chief executive officer) of a large corporation at the age of 38. And one year later he left behind all luxuries of corporate world then begin a journey of serving. To serve people on the path of peace.

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