The Meaningful Trails (30)

Written by Gede Prama

Being spiritually healthy is what many people are longing for. Whilst the measurement of biological health has widely known – from the color of urine, the quality of sleep, the blood glucose level, etc. – the measurement of spiritual wellness still leaves a mystery for many people. Most people think that having the capability of seeing the what so-called great by many people defines the spiritual health level of a person. Many others think that miracle is the important marker of spiritual wellness. In the US, there is even an author who wrote a book “Conversation with God”, which sends an implicit message that the author has somehow met God. You may also build on other criteria based on your own capabilities. Yet, the book “Spiritual Fitness: A seven-week guide to finding meaning and sacredness in your everyday life”, written by Caroline Reynolds, tells the experience of a seeker that represents the unique characteristic of today’s seekers. On page XII, Caroline admits that she had once endangered her life in alcohol and sex, then experienced what Carl Jung called as “the darkest night of the soul”. Most of those who join meditation classes are also experience similar situations in various different forms; from chronic illness, soul wound, broken families, to troubled children. In conclusion, it shows one important point that in the moment when all doors seem to be closed, one then start seeking for a spiritual Guru.

This book is also written using the same background. Speaking directly from the deep experience of the author, not borrowing the words of others, is what make the book remarkable. In summary, there are three sources that could make a person becomes spiritually healthy: “mind, words, deeds”. The mind could be healed thru meditation, particularly by resting all of the inner quarrelling and inner drama. Having a careful selection of words. People who speak harshly or even lie, despite finding a way in expressing themselves, are actually feeding themselves with psychological toxins. Particularly since the words do resonate in the inner spaces of the soul. And among all others, the simplest kind of act that could make a person become spiritually healthy is a sincere service. In a simple yet profound language, the most beautiful way to heal the soul is by healing the soul of others. To be honest, everyone has the unique blend of these three sources of health. Those who create a lot of mistakes in the crowd, are advised to frequently sit in silent meditation, in a perfect solitude. For any friends whose born in the society that used unpleasant words for daily communications, it is recommended to speak more gently using a more subtle language. Any friends who spend most of their life thinking only of themselves, are better start doing daily service tasks.

Similar to the human body that always leave a mystery, the human soul also leaves a lot of mystery. Therefore on page 143 of this book, Caroline humbly admits: “Spiritual fitness is not about being perfect. It is about constantly aspiring to a life of heart-filled integrity”. As seen in the real world, once the life of a person slips into a very dangerous abyss, the rescuing parachute is not cleverness, but virtue. An act of kindness that once performed, is what attracts others to help. And this book, has abundance material of reflections to remind people to always remember the spiritual parachute named goodness. From how to cleanse the soul, be careful in using words, learn to meditate, up to being in the command of joy. Once a person be in the command of joy, he could choose to be joyful even in the midst of profound grief. This, in shorts, is what called as the spiritual fitness.

About the author

Gede Prama

Gede Prama started his spiritual journey through a dialogue with his symbolic Guru in a village at the north of Bali. The journey is then being enriched with his experiences of studying abroad, his meetings with the world greatest spiritual Gurus: His Holiness Dalai Lama, The Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, as well as Professor Karen Armstrong; and also being deepened by his intense meditation practices.

Despite the fact that he was once a CEO of a large corporation with thousand of employees, and was traveling abroad frequently for the purpose of teaching, yet, being deeply moved by the Bali bombing incident in 2002, he then decided to leave everything and went back to his home island.
He has never leave Bali for the past few years. In fact, he rarely leaves the silence of the forest where he lives, except for the purpose of teaching at the sacred sites within Bali.

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