Opening the gate of abundance

Opening the door to abundance

Conflicts & wars occur because humans are still influenced by old thoughts, that in nature everything is limited (scarcity).

Physicist Dr. Nassim Haramein revealed his secret at the UN forum, nature is not about scarcity, but instead, nature is full of abundance.

And the key to getting there, according to Haramein, is the quantum vacuum. An emptiness that is full of possibilities.

The good news is, this is the same spirit as the Nyepi holiday on the island of Bali. Only when the cup is empty, can water be poured there.

Only when humans are free from the old notion that nature is all about scarcity, can people enter the realm of abundance.

The recommendation is the earlier you learn to be silent, the better. For all friends to note, the brain contains more than 90 billion neuron networks. That means it is very complicated!

It is difficult to create using only a complicated brain. And one of the best faces of emptiness to find in this case, is the emptiness of a complicated brain.

It will first open the door of simplicity, then it will open the door to happiness. And it is not impossible to help us to open the door of abundance.

Video by Komang Gita Krishnamurti.
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